Top 7 Metal Minimalist Wallets

Minimalist wallets have come into fashion in the last few years, with people clamoring for the for their unique design and ease of carrying.

This is kind of a shame, as many companies have used this demand as an excuse to make shoddy, flimsy wallets with little to no purpose.

But for all the cheap and the worthless, there are many genuinely great minimalist wallets out there that you can purchase.

If that’s the case, then the biggest issue people would have is figuring out which of these wallets they’d like to buy.

To help with that, we’re listing off seven of the best metal minimalist wallets, detailing the features that set them apart from the crowd, with links on where to buy if your interest has been piqued. 

Let’s get started with #1.

1. Ridge Wallet

While a bit on the pricier side, Ridge Wallets are definitely worth the investment if for nothing else than their huge selection.

Metal versions range from high grade aluminum to titanium in their construction, with colors ranging from black, grey, brown, and even a dazzling burnt gunmetal.

Held together with two durable elastic strips, the Ridge Wallet can stretch to securely hold up to 12 credit cards without issue, your cash held safely in place with another elastic strip or a money clip depending on the version you choose to buy.

They’re also RFID scanner blocking by design, but as we have discussed before, this is a non-factor in the real world.

Ridge Wallet Carbon Fiber

2. Machine Era Ti5 Slim Wallet

The Machine Era Ti5 slim wallet is a lightweight yet incredibly sturdy minimalist wallet crafted from a corrosion-proof titanium alloy.

A metal plate acts as a support for your cards, holding them and any cash you have with a tight elastic band.

Comfortably fitting up to seven cards with no strain, it even includes a special thumb hole on one side, letting you slide out the card you have placed on top for easy access, or use it as a bottle opener. Additionally, like many others of its kind, it’s RFID-blocking.

Ti5 Slim Wallet

3. Spine Wallet

The Spine Wallet represents its name quite well, serving as a sturdy backbone for your money, credit cards, and other important belongings you need for daily use.

Coming in either dark or light grey, the genuine grade 5 titanium gives it the kind of strength and dependability other wallets can only dream of.

Scratch resistant, water resistant, corrosion resistant, and super tough, it keeps all your things in place with a thick elastic band around the middle, and even features a handy bottle opener integration to pop caps with (probably in celebration of having such a cool new wallet).

spine wallet

4. Dango Tactical Multi-Tool Wallet

A wallet is usually just a wallet, but that’s anything but true with the Dango tactical multi-tool wallet.

In addition to being an ultra slim and ultra strong wallet made from black aerospace-grade aluminum with a leather finish, it doubles as a 14 piece multi-tool. Among its many options, it includes three hex wrenches, ruler, bottle opener, serrated knife and box cutter, and a screwdriver, plus the ability to use the wallet itself like knuckle dusters.

Beyond that, though, it’s just an extremely efficient wallet, holding twelve cards and cash comfortably in its elastic band.

Dango T01 Tactical Multi Tool Wallet

5. Sapling Aluminum Minimalist Wallet

The Sapling aluminum minimalist wallet collection is a series of finely crafted aluminum wallets, designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and easy to carry.

Based off the company’s original wood wallets, these wallets feature a pleasing, rectangular design and low weight. Carrying eight different credit cards and paper bills without a fuss due to their long lasting quad-stitched elastic bands, you can buy these wallets in three different designs depending on your tastes: Classic (smooth surfaced), crosshatched (textured crosshatching), or stealth (crosshatched with raised, smooth sections).

saplingstore wallet

6. Machine Era Slim Wallet

Just like the Ti5 featured before, this Machine Era slim wallet is produced to the same standard of quality. The original from which their other wallets were based on, these minimalist wallets are machined from a single block of super strong aluminum, painted with a black anodized coating to help it become even more durable and long lasting.

With a strong elastic band able to hold up to six cards without any hassle, it’ll serve you well and fit perfectly in any pocket. A brass variant is also available from some sites.

Machine Era Slim Wallet

7. HuMn Mini Wallet

The HuMN mini wallet is probably the most minimalist, minimalist wallet you can buy.

Available in eleven different colors, you don’t have to worry about sacrificing strength for a smaller size, as each HuMn mini is made from powder-coated aircraft grade aluminum, sturdy yet flexible enough to handle whatever you throw at it.

Able to block RFID signals, it’s a great for everyday use. Though it’s maximum carrying capacity for its shock cord strap is a bit small (only about three standard credit cards), it’s no less reliable than any other quality metal wallet.



A metal minimalist wallet is a great investment, helping you cut down on needless clutter a standard wallet builds up and looking incredibly stylish, not to mention how convenient it is to keep in your pocket.

Though it can be hard to cut through the clutter and find something of real value, any one of the seven wallets previewed here would serve well as your everyday wallet.

For some, myself included, I find metal wallets to be a little on the heavy side.

They might be minimalist, but it feels a little strange having a hard, ridged piece of metal in your pocket.

To each is own.

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