About Us

JooJoobs is the love and passion from a family of leather craftsmen.

Our Family

We’re a Thai family based in Chiang Mai, Thailand where our workshop overlooks rice fields and our lush garden. The invigorating smell of leather wafts through the air and is the welcoming smell of home.

Noi (a.k.a. Dad) is our master leathersmith, having over 30 years of experience in his art. He has never viewed the craft as “work” for him, it has always been his way of life. Like many others that love their work, retirement did nothing to slow him down and he continues to constantly explore new ideas, designs and ways to refine his gift.

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My name is Bibi, I’m Noi’s daughter and I run the online side of the family business with my husband Kelly. I grew up in my father’s workshop, watching and learning and often even sleeping there when he worked late into the night. These days I still get to help out Dad when he gets busy, but I spend most of my time in the office conversing with customers like you, so make sure to say “Hi!”

Our Products

The main material we use in all of our handcrafted products is a full-grain, distressed leather. To put it simply, this is the really good stuff. It only gets better with age as the leather can literally heal itself, turning each scuff and bend into smooth and beautiful characteristics.

Handmade Leather iPhone Wallet handmade iphone case

Each leather piece has its own marks, veins and tonal variations that give it a unique look and as time passes, the oils from your hands naturally add what leathersmiths call a patina, which is that smooth sheen texture that is so admired in older leather items and give it that vintage style.

It’s a style that we’re very proud of, because no factory-made product can replicate it.

Our Shop

Each item is handmade, which made Etsy a perfect place to start sharing our products with the world.  We opened our Etsy shop in Feb 2013 and have been fortunate to have been eagerly welcomed by their community and privileged to even be one of the Etsy featured shops.

We also sell our items directly from our website (the one you’re on right now), so please have a look around.

We’re always happy to personalize any of our items or take suggestions if you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone. If you want to keep updated on what new styles and items we’ve recently come out with, follow us on Facebook or Favorite our shop on Etsy.

I’m also starting to use Twitter more these days. I love following travel blogs and seeing what adventures await. If you have a travel blog and would like to review any of our passport wallets, please drop me a line.

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Kindest Regards,
The JooJoobs family