Money Clip Wallets

In recent years, we've seen an increased interest in our handmade, leather money clip wallets. This is fine by us because we love making them. If you have an idea for a money clip design but don't see anything on our website that fits your needs, please feel free to contact us to discuss your idea further.

Bifold Wallets with Money Clip

The bifold money clip design is by far the most functional. Each card slot can hold 3 cards for a wallet total of 12 cards.

We refer to the first listing as #028. For this listing, you can personalize the outside, inside or both. The 2nd listing is the #028 with the USA flag branded onto the front. For this listing, you can only add personalization to the inside.

Best Money Clip Wallets

Using Original Distressed Leather

Money Clip Wallets
American Flag Bifold Wallet with Money Clip

Using Dark Distressed Leather

Leather Money Clip Wallet
Money Clip

I Love my State

The USA flag wallets are always big sellers. We also get a lot of requests for the local State flags to be branded onto the wallets. The only problem is, not every state flag looks that great once you turn it into a burnt imprint. So to fix this, we searched and found some fun alternative State personalization options.



New York

Minimalist Money Clip Wallets

These next four pictures show personalized wallets made using our distressed leather. Click the link to read more about distressed leather. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the leather to make sure that it is a good fit you.

Distressed leather is designed to 'distress' which just means, the leather makes it easy to take a brand new wallet and make it look like a vintage wallet.

Plus, distressed leather forms a patina super fast, within the first month. Other leathers, like vegetable tanned leather, can take 6+ months to develop a patina. Crappy leathers like genuine leather will never form a patina.

Minimalist Money Clip Wallet with Stainless Steel Clip
Minimalist Money Clip Wallets

Vegetable Chrome Money Clips

Vegetable Chrome cowhide leather has a different finish than our usual distressed leather wallets. Same high-quality full-grain leather, just the tannery applies a different technique to create the end product.

Vegetable chrome won't distress or 'scratch' like the distressed leather wallets, and they come in a lot more color options.

The only real downside is the fact that we can't personalize them. The top seal/skin of this type of leather is too hard to brand into. The end result isn't as beautiful as stamping the distressed leather.

If you really insist, we will personalize them, but please heed this warning before ordering your wallet personalized.

Hickory with Natural Tan Thread

Hickory Brown with Natural Tan Thread

money clip wallet

Natural with White Thread

Black Money Clip Wallet

Black with Dark brown Thread

Minimalist Money clip

Honey with Natural Tan Thread

Vertical Money Clip Wallet

This handmade, leather money clip wallet was our first money clip design.

The sample font on the front is Papyrus. Please note, whenever you see initials on the wallets, they just samples. You get to choose what personalization goes on your wallet.

Vertical Money Clip Wallet
handmade leather money clip wallet