Leather Biker Wallets

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Long Wallets

We have two biker long wallet designs. Our newest release is pictured right below and it comes with unparalleled functionality. Four card slots, cash pocket, iPhone pocket and a zippered compartment that can be used for multiple purposes.

Leather Biker Wallet
Long Leather Biker wallet

Traditional Biker Long Wallet

If you looking for our traditional biker long wallet, we offer it in two colors: our original brown distressed leather and our dark distressed leather.

leather biker wallet
Long wallet

Bifold Wallets

The biker bifold wallets have 4 card slots inside. Each card slot can hold up to 3 credit cards. It is possible to stretch the slots further. You do have the option get your biker wallet personalized with your name, initials or a logo.

Biker Bifold Wallet
Bifold Biker Wallet

Bifold Wallets with Coin Pocket

Biker Wallet
Biker wallet

Biker Wallets without the Chain

Why no chain?

Naturally, we continuously test all of our products. The information we collect combined with customer feedback, we make changes and improvements to our designs on a very regular basis. As more and more of our customers requested the wallets without the chain, we quickly made it a regular listing.

Biker Wallet
biker wallet

Biker Trifold Wallets

If you carry a lot of cash and cards, the trifolds might be your best fit. Please note, we don't personalized the outside of the biker wallets, only the inside. For the trifold wallets, there is a lot great spots inside with the bottom of the middle panel being the most often requested.

Original Distressed Leather (Brown)

biker trifold wallet
biker trifold wallet

Dark Distressed Leather

Are these black? 

We get this question quite often. Since distressed leather doesn't have a top seal, the wallet will collect the oils from your hands, make the leather darker and darker, gradually forming a patina. The overall color isn't a solid black. Many different color pigments are present.

So the color is more a blackish-brownish grey.

biker trifold wallets
Biker Trifold wallet

The above personalization 'MKB' is just a sample. You get to choose your personalization that goes on your wallet. We have twelve default options you can choose from (see below) or you can submit you own design. The 'MKB' sample is using our monogram #1. To test you own initials, go ahead and play with our free monogram maker.

monogram options