Top 10 Minimalist Wallets in the $30-50 Price Range

With minimalist wallets starting to grow in popularity, it might be tempting to go out and buy one.

Without a place to start, though, you won’t know what to buy. Even worse, you might buy something that’s not worth the money, and nothing is quite as disappointing as spending a ton of money and getting nothing good in return to show for it.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of some of the best minimalist wallets on the market right now where we’ll examine some of the positive points of each model and why you should consider purchasing them, kept within a reasonable price range of $30 to $50.

Here’s our top ten picks (without including any of our JooJoobs wallets).

1. Whipping Post Mojave Picker’s Wallet

Perfect for any guitar players out there, the Whipping Post Mojave Picker’s wallet is a great novelty piece for rockers as well as a super efficient and classy looking wallet all on its own.

Made from beautiful full-grain leather, this wallet features three credit card slots, two separate cash and ID compartments, and even a special pocket to hold a standard sized guitar pick.

Whether you’re a rocker or not, we can all agree this is one fine wallet.

Whipping Post Mojave Picker’s Wallet

2. Ezra Arthur Cash Fold Wallet

For something a bit more traditional in appearance, try out the Ezra Arthur Cash Fold wallet.

Constructed of 100% genuine American-made Chromexcel Horween leather, this miniature wallet resembles a smaller, slimmer version of the traditional leather bi-fold. It has the capacity to easily hold up to 30 credit cards at once, though this does consequently make it slightly bigger than some of its peers. 

Despite this, it’s more than worth the investment given its classy design and large volume.

Ezraarthur cashfold

3. Trove Slim Wallet

The Trove slim wallet is a unique minimalist wallet pushing the boundary on what it means to be minimalist. Composed of a central piece of genuine Italian leather, the wallet holds your belongings inside a thick and durable elastic band. 

With the capacity to store up to ten credit cards with barely any change in size, it’s almost like carrying nothing at all in your pocket. Not only that, it’s fully reversible, giving you a choice in how you want your wallet to look.

4. Machine Era Stainless Steel Slim Wallet

The Machine Era Stainless Steel slim wallet is meant to be, in the company’s own words, “the slimmest and strongest wallet on the market”.

Made from 300 series steel, it manages to be both super tough and corrosion resistant, meaning there’s a good chance this wallet might last even longer than you can.

With a ten card capacity and an easy access thumb hole doubling as a bottle opener, this is one wallet you can always count on no matter which pocket you keep it in.

5. TGT Nightcall Deluxe Wallet

The handmade TGT Nightcall Deluxe wallet is almost a work of art.

With a handsome black leather design and extra durable elastic band, this wallet is both functional as well as stylish. Featuring a two pocket design (one big, one small), you can keep several credit cards, a wad of cash, and even small items like keys with little to no stretching of the material.

Whether for its form of function, the TGT Nightcall won’t disappoint.

6. Daycraft Moneywrap Slim Wallet

Available in your choice of brown, red, pink, and orange, the Daycraft Moneywrap slim wallet is a great choice for people looking to cut down on their pocket clutter without sacrificing style.

The simple, sleek design made from 100% cowhide leather gives a classy feel to this wallet, as does its patented Moneywrap design and the matching elastic band that keeps it closed when not in use.

Weighing only a single ounce being less than 2 and a half and 3 and a half inches wide and long, respectively, this wallet is great for everyday use for every kind of person.

Daycraft moneywrap

7. Polycarbonate Ridge Wallet

The Ridge company is known for their line of quality minimalist wallets, with a set of affordable polycarbonate wallets that fit perfectly on this list.

Available in white, red, blue, or green, these extremely tough wallets are great for any occasion, holding up to 12 credit cards with ease. A built in elastic band can be used to hold money or other objects against the side of the wallet, letting you keep all your important items in one place.

It’s also RFID blocking by design, and comes standard with a lifetime warranty.

Polycarbonate Ridge Wallet

8. Bison Cash Fold Wallet

Taking the designation of “minimalist wallet” to its absolute limit, the Bison Cash Fold wallet is one of the slimmest wallets you can buy.

With no lining at all, this wallet is simply a bi-folding strip of authentic Horween leather. Designed for carrying only the bare essentials, it has the capacity to hold 30 paper bills with no strain, staying folded in place while in your pocket and looking good while doing it.

bison cash fold

9. Supr Good Company Slim 2 Wallet

The Supr Good Company’s Slim 2 wallet is a super thin minimalist wallet designed to both look and feel comfortable. Its soft leather exterior houses a microfiber interior, cushioning your cash and cards and being just a treat to feel while retrieving them.

Additionally, super strong elastic bands run along the sides, keeping everything contained inside and offering extra flexibility and support. Easily housing up to five credit cards without a fuss, this is one wallet to look towards when indulgence is on the menu.

Supr Good Company Slim 2 Wallet

10. Ainste Evan Wallet

Funded initially via Kickstarter, the Ainste Evan wallet is a true work of craftsmanship worthy of the designation “luxury”.

Made from only the finest leather, this extra small wallet fits comfortably into any pocket while holding up to ten full size credit cards at once. Additionally, an durable elastic band around the outside helps to keep your belongings secure, as well as give you a place to store cash or other important trinkets.

Ainste Evan Wallet


Minimalist wallets are gaining steam, and for good reason.

Slender, compact, and stylish, these no-nonsense accessories are helping to innovate the way we carry our funds.

If you’re looking for a new minimalist wallet with a reasonable price tag, then any of the ten showcased here would be a great pick.

Of course, JooJoobs also has lots of cool minimalist wallets in the $30-50 Price Range, check them out!

Our minimalist money clip has been flying out the door.