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Minimalist Wallets Distressed Leather

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Front Pocket Wallets

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Minimalist Sleeve Wallets

We have 2 types of sleeve wallets, with one being super slim and basic and the other option being slightly larger but coming with a little more functionality. The 2nd and 3rd listing below are essentially the same wallet, just coming in different color of leather.

Minimalist Money Clip Wallets

We have one minimalist money clip wallet design but it does come in two distressed leather color choices and five vegetable chrome leather colors options. We designed these money clip wallets to be very high-quality, with hand-stitching and stainless steel clips, to ensure they never break.

Please note, our original distressed leather is a very different leather than vegetable chrome leather. They are both premium full-grain cowhide leathers, but with very different textures and finishes.

Money Clips (Distressed Leather)

minimalist money clip wallet brown

Original Distressed Leather (Brown)

minimalist money clip wallet dark brown

Dark Distressed Leather (Front)

Money Clips (vegetable Chrome)


Some of you with the keen eye might have noticed that the vegetable chrome wallets come with white thread. We did introduce this 3rd thread color option with the release of the vegetable chrome wallet collection. If you want white thread on a distressed leather wallet, it isn't a default option, but you can request it when you checkout.

The white thread does look pretty cool!

Minimalist Bifold Wallets

Creating a full functional wallet in the bifold design is a difficult challenge. As a designer, you have to balance the fine line of keeping is super slim, while still being a wallet a customer is going to want to use on a daily basis.

We have one minimalist bifold design (same pocket layout) but with two very different implementations. Please note, these two wallets are designed strictly for USA currency. They can't be used for other currencies without the bills coming out the side a little. That being said, I've used them with larger notes and I really didn't mind the bills coming out the side.

Our first kick at the can was using our regular distressed leather. It works great, looks great and is very affordable.

minimalist bifold wallet

We did have some customers who wanted an even more extreme design. Super, super thin.

The only way we could make this wallet thinner was by using a thinner leather. So that is what we did. We had our tannery make us a leather that is only .5mm thick. This is extremely thin. Our normal distressed leather falls between 1.2 - 1.6 mm in thickness.

Super Slim Bifold Wallet 

minimalist bifold wallet