Top 15 Best Fixed-Blade Knives – John Rambo Approved!

While humans have invented many tools over the millennia to help themselves thrive, one of the standouts has always been the knife.

Hunting, cooking, self-defense, medical procedures, and plenty more have been achieved through this humble instrument.

Since a knife is such a useful tool for all manner of situations, it only stands to reason you’d want a good one if you choose to carry it for yourself.

While making that choice sounds simple, it can be surprisingly hard and annoying to sort through all your options, especially with all the various styles and materials knives can come in.

Today, we’ll help to make that decision a little bit easier.

The Best Fixed-Blade Knives of 2020

Let’s take a look at fifteen of the best-fixed blade knives that you can use for all your survivalist and self-defense needs available on the market today.

We’ll go over some of their best features as well as the prime situations to use them in so that you can get the best knife to fit your expected usage.

Without further ado, let’s kick things off at #1.

1. Ka-Bar USMC Fighting Knife

USMC KA-BAR®, Straight Edge

Ka-Bar USMC Fighting Knife

When you’re thinking of something in terms of its utility, it’s hard to beat something that was a standard issue Nazi-stabber back in World War II.

That’s exactly what the Ka-Bar USMC Fighting Knife was all about, its general build quality more than living up to such a distinguished reputation.

Measuring in at just under a foot in overall length, the blade is made from a single-edge straight 1095 Cro-van steel blade.

Given a black coating for extra durability and resistance to the elements, it keeps an alarmingly sharp edge no matter how much you’ve used it.

The handle is wrapped in real leather, too, matching the quality of its sheath.

Just for a bit of added flair, both the guard and pommel are gold-plated brass. Buy It!

2. SOG Seal Pup Elite Knife

sog seal pup elite knife

As the name alludes to, the SOG Seal Pup Elite Knife was created to act as a reliable close combat weapon for the Navy SEALs.

That alone should more than speak for itself, but if you’re still not convinced by simple pedigree, the actual build of this knife is certainly convincing.

The blade on the Seal Pup is made from AUS-8 steel with a black TiNi finish, helping to protect it from damage as well as rust and corrosion.

It measures nine and a half inches.

The solid construction and expert handling you’ll get thanks to the textured fiberglass and nylon handle molded to fit the contours of your fingers.

It also features a rasp just above the guard to rest your thumb on for extra control in addition to serration along the back of the knife for sawing through tough materials in a snap. Shop Now!

3. Cold Steel Recon Scout Knife

Cold Steel has earned their place in the world of weapons manufacturing for their sturdy and often aesthetically pleasing blades.

Their Recon Scout Knife is no exception to this rule, giving a subtle but powerful flare to any job while still delivering with peak performance.

Slender and elegant, this twelve and a half inch long knife features a single-edge 0-1 high carbon steel clip point blade with an entirely black finish.

This matches the Kray-Ex handle, textured for a secure grip and extremely durable in its own right.

The end also features a small hole for attaching a lanyard or wrist strap and a nice style bonus.

4. CRKT S.P.E.W. Fixed Blade Knife

CRKT S.P.E.W. Fixed Blade Knife

Strange name aside, the CRKT S.P.E.W. (Small Pocket Everyday Wharncliffe) Fixed Blade Knife is an impressive piece of equipment.

With a dangerous profile and user-friendly design, it can stand up to some of the best knives you can find and outdo all the rest.

Measuring in at just over six inches long, you might be tempted to dismiss this knife because of how small it is.

This would be quite a huge mistake, though, as its size is one of its most important assets given how easily that allows it to be concealed.

Combine that with the ultra sharp Wharncliffe blade made from stainless steel and a textured handle with molding to help you keep a strong grip even with hands much larger than the knife itself; you’ll have one of the most versatile and useful tools imaginable in your arsenal. Shop Online!

5. Tops Mini Hoffman Harpoon Knife

Tops Mini Hoffman Harpoon Knife

Tops’ Mini Hoffman Harpoon Knife is a uniquely designed blade fairly unlike anything else on this list, though it’s more than earned its spot among the other entries.

Its extreme amount of utility as well as its generally cool appearance more than see to that.

Like the name says, this knife is designed to mimic the look of a miniature harpoon, having the signature long, triangular blade shape and a razor-sharp single-edge.

In lieu of a more traditional wrapping, the handle of this knife is bound in a length of paracord, making this a good multipurpose tool for various survival or emergency situations in addition to a handy knife.

While it may be short at only five and a half inches, it’s no less dangerous in the hands of a skilled master, and that’s what matters most. Buy Now!

6. Schrade SCHF14 Drop-Point Fixed Blade Knife

Schrade SCHF14 Drop-Point Fixed Blade Knife

The Schrade SCHF13 Drop-Point Fixed Blade Knife is a well-crafted and aesthetically marvelous tool that’s perfect for both your EDC needs and the occasional camping trip or survival situation.

Strong, rugged, and good looking all in one, this nine-inch knife is definitely more than you bargained for in a very good way.

Both the look and utility of this knife’s blade are off the charts, being constructed of 8Cr13MoV stonewashed high carbon steel for an intriguing appearance and excellent edge retention.

It’s attached to a super durable black G-10 handle, molded in such a way as to appear like rough waves or a stone surface that makes for an impeccable grip with virtually no chance of slippage.

This is only enhanced with a forefinger groove and jimping along the front and back of the knife, respectively, helping you control your knife no matter your target. Available Here!

7. ESEE Izula Fire Ant Red Survival Neck Knife

The ESEE Izula Fire Ant Red Survival Neck Knife is a bit of an odd choice.

While it looks and overall design might be alien to some, it’s still quite an impressive survivalist tool with its own unique charm.

While only measuring in at six and a quarter inches, the Izula is more than capable of getting the job done. Its blade is made from 1095 steel, as is the entirety of the knife.

Save for the extra sharp edge, the whole knife is coated in a matte red textured finish, giving it high visibility, a cool style, and a bit of extra grip.

It can be a bit difficult to hold because of the irregularly shaped handle, but this is easily remedied by the many handle pieces that can be bought for it made from canvas, G-10, and many other materials that turn it into something a bit more traditional.

8. CRKT 3500 HoodWork Knife

CRKT 3500 HoodWork Knife

CRKT’s 3500 HoodWork Knife is a great survivalist tool that can be ready for action at a moment’s notice.

At just over 10 inches in length and designed with performance in mind, you should have no trouble roughing it out in the wilderness with this knife by your side.

The roughly six-inch blade on this knife is made from 1095 high carbon steel, retaining an edge like no other while having its durability bolstered by a coating of Cerakote ceramic.

Its cutting power is augmented further by a row of serrated blades near the base, too, for sawing through tougher material.

The handle is made from ultra strong G-10 plastic, cutting down on weight and adding some style with a trio of holes through the material.

It also features a forefinger groove near the front for extra security, as well as jumping on the back of the single-edge blade.

At the end is a short length of orange paracord, being both a stylish accessory and an excellent tool in one.

9. SOG Super Bowie Fixed Blade Knife

SOG Super Bowie Fixed Blade Knife

It’s hard to top the classic Bowie knife when it comes to its usefulness in the wild or its general reputation as an exceptional blade.

“But what if we could make it even better?”

SOG asked one day. Somehow, they actually managed to do it with their Super Bowie Fixed Blade Knife.

This fourteen and a half inch knife takes the signature razor sharp clip point AUS-8 steel Bowie blade and gives it a black TiNi finish, helping to improve its longevity no matter how hard you work it out in the wilds.

The handle is coated in brown leather washers, giving it a subtle pattern of alternating shades to complement the durable material.

It also comes with a matching sheath for ease and safety of use.

10. Gerber Ghostrike Fixed Blade Deluxe Knife

Gerber Ghostrike Fixed Blade Deluxe Knife1

Designed with concealed carry in mind, Gerber’s Ghostrike Fixed Blade Deluxe Knife is a valuable tool in self-defense situations.

Its unique profile and usability make it one of the best at what it does, giving even the inexperienced a leg up in combat.

While a bit on the short side at just under seven inches, this works to its advantage given the previously mentioned focus on concealed carry.

With the included ankle wrap and sheath, it’s a simple matter to hide your knife under a pant leg and whip it out at a moment’s notice.

Once you do, though, you’ll be more than satisfied with its 420 high carbon steel blade and the rubberized diamond pattern handle, molded to fit the contours of your hand while using minimalism to cut down on weight.

11. Benchmade Fixed Contego 183 Knife

Benchmade knocks it out of the park with another expertly crafted blade great for tactical or self-defense purposes.

The Fixed Contego 183 Knife would make a worthy addition to any knife collection, perfectly suited for all sorts of cutting, stabbing, and even sawing applications thanks to its impeccable design.

With a blade made from CPM-S30V stainless steel, it’s not likely to break or lose its edge even after repeated use.

There are also three styles you can buy for this knife, one with a black finish, one with a satin finish (mostly polished with the blunt side slightly coated to appear gray), and another option for a black finish with extra serration near the base of the blade.

This is all complimented by an extra tough G10 handle, molded to sit comfortably in the hand with extra texturing for a sure, non-slip grip.

12. Bark River Bravo 1 LT Rampless Fixed Blade Knife

Bark River Bravo 1 LT Rampless Fixed Blade Knife

Measuring in at just over nine inches, the Bark River Bravo 1 LT Rampless Fixed Blade Knife is a tribute to functionality in knifemaking.

No bells or whistles here; just a length of CPM-3V steel and a tremendous amount of cutting power.

Sharpened to a razor’s edge, the Bravo 1’s main draw is the ultra-thin stock it’s packing, giving it unparalleled precision for extremely clean cuts, special care being taken not to compromise the structural integrity of the blade in the process.

This is helped along by a small amount of jimping near the back of the blade, giving you extra control over the cuts you make.

As for the handle, it’s made from textured green canvas Micarta, adding to its natural toughness while keeping it feeling natural in your hand.

13. CRKT Ultima Fixed Blade Knife

CRKT Ultima Fixed Blade Knife

CRKT’s Ultima Fixed Blade Knife is one tough customer.

Designed seemingly to look as rugged and manly as possible, it still manages to be an extremely well-made piece with exceptional cutting power and reliability on top of it.

Measuring in at just over ten inches, the single-edge 1.4116 stainless steel blade is almost exactly half of that.

In addition to being extremely sharp, it has a set of deeply serrated teeth near the bottom edge for extra power, as well as a black TiNi coating for extra durability and resistance to the elements.

Most intriguing of all is the handle, patterned to fit the contours of a hand and covered in over 70 non-slip glass-filled nylon triangles arranged into what they call an “ooze groove” to let water and other substances slide between where your hand holds, ensuring you won’t lose your knife even in the worst conditions.

14. Buck Knives 0119 Special Fixed Blade Knife

Buck Knives 0119 Special Fixed Blade Knife

Buck Knives’ 0119 Special Fixed Blade Knife is another close contender for the best in its class.

With a clip point blade reminiscent of the Bowie knife, this tool has what it takes to get the job done no matter what that job might end up being.

Forged from 420 high carbon steel, it features an extremely sharp edge that won’t go dull without a ton of abuse.

The long handle design helps to evenly distribute weight across the entire ten and a half inches of the knife, making it easy to use for a variety of tasks without stress or strain.

As an added bonus, you’ve also got the option to choose between matte black plastic or a hardwood Cocobolo pattern for the handle, giving you the ability to personalize your knife however you (or your budget) see fit. Either way, you’ve also got a sturdy leather sheath for safe storage and transport.

15. Morakniv Robust Knife

Morakniv Robust Knife

At first glance, you might not be able to really appreciate the Morakniv Robust Knife for all it’s worth and, to be fair, it does look a bit odd compared to other entries on the list. 

Once you’ve given this piece a try, though, you’ll come to see its true beauty and usefulness just below the surface.

At eight and a quarter inches, this knife is a bit on the shorter side.

Given that its main utilities lie in survivalist situations, though, this can actually be quite advantageous, putting you in close for better controlling the high carbon steel clip point blade.

The handle is where things get really wild, encasing the tang in a thick but supremely comfortable layer of TPE rubber that insulates against shocks while slightly adhering to your palm for a secure grip.

Its guard is also a bit more overt than in most other knives, shielding your fingers from damage while you cut.

Final Thoughts

A good knife can help you get through just about any hardship in one way or another, so it’s important to choose your knives wisely.

Whether it’s for emergencies situations, martial arts training, camping out in the woods, or simply everyday carry and preparedness, any one of the fifteen knives previewed on this list would make a great compliment to your collection.

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