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Looking for the best tomahawks available on the market? You are in the right place.

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Guns, knives, bows – all of them are conventional weapons for collectors or sportsmen to own.

By now, it’s probably clear what the appeal of these tools are and why so many people enjoy having them for various reasons.

With that having been said, what about something a bit less common? Specifically, the throwing ax, also known as a tomahawk.

Equal parts throwing weapon, close quarters blade, and survivalist tool, the tomahawk is a unique and beautiful weapon with a rich history relating to North America.

Sadly, it’s a bit overlooked given how it’s regrettably hard to carry around in the open.

Even so, that shouldn’t dissuade anyone from giving this weapon a look.

Whether it’s a modern take on the ax or a more traditional tool, there’s a lot to love about the tomahawk. 

Not only that, there’s plenty you can get out of this weapon that you simply can’t replicate from others.

What are we talking about here?

The 13 Best Tomahawks on the Market Today

Let’s start things off with the first axe on our list.

1. Smith & Wesson Extraction and Evasion Full Tang Tomahawk

I included the above video mainly for the thumbnail picture. The reviewer in the video actually dislikes this axe. If you watch the video, I'd recommend change the speed to 2x.

Smith & Wesson’s reputation as a firearms manufacturer doesn’t mean they can only do one thing, as the Extraction and Evasion Tomahawk more than proves.

Weighing in at almost 3 lbs. worth of 1070 high carbon steel, it provides both a razor-sharp edge and the heft to use it effectively.

You’d be hard pressed to find anything that could stand up to this axe’s cutting edge, but if you did, that could be taken care of by simply flipping the weapon around and using the V-shaped back spike for piercing blows.

Beyond function, Smith & Wesson provide some brilliantly minimalist aesthetic appeal with this tool.

Entirely black and stamped with their logo on the blade, the handle is covered in a textured Kraton overlay in the same color.

Even this serves a purpose, though, providing you with extra grip security necessary for keeping the ax under your control. It can also be removed from the full tang metal for cleaning or replacement, too.

2. Cold Steel Norse Hawk Axe

While axes with plenty of accessories and features and highly modernized designs are nice, sometimes you just want something simple and classic. That’s where Cold Steel comes in with their Norse Hawk Axe.

There’s no bells and whistles here, just a length of strong, gorgeous American hickory wood and a curved metal axehead.

Made from drop forged 1055 carbon steel, the Norse Hawk retains an edge like no other, its shape helping it to cleave deep into what you’re swinging at to make the most out of the power you put into it.

Measuring in at just under two feet in length from end to end, the Norse Hawk is the perfect size for easy carrying, especially when paired with a belt-attached sheath.

This also makes it easy to throw even for the inexperienced, with both the size and the way it’s weighted helping you learn with little issue even if you’ve never touched a tomahawk in your life before this.

3. Gerber Downrange Tomahawk

Gerber’s Downrange Tomahawk is a tactical tomahawk, hammer, and pry bar all in one, but just simplifying it like this hides the true beauty of this weapon. In both form and function, the Downrange Tomahawk is a force to be reckoned with.

First and foremost is the design of this ax. Crafted to be multi-functional, easy to carry, and lightweight without compromising its integrity, the Downrange makes it easy to take care of business.

Made from 420HC steel, it won’t bend or break even with heavy usage, the extra sharp blade slicing through things like butter.

The opposite side from the blade sports its hammerhead, between the two being a hollow space fitted with finger grips to hold the tomahawk by the blade if desired.

Traveling down is the “desert tan” colored textured G-10 fiberglass supports on the handle for a better grip, the bottom being the pry bar end that can be used for pulling things out or jabbing into objects.

4. 5.11 Operator Axe

5.11 is a quality weapons and tactical gear manufacturer, so it should come as no surprise they’ve tried their hand at the tomahawk.

This culminated in what they call the Operator Axe, as much a multi-tool as it is a weapon and fulfilling both roles admirably.

Crafted from SCM 435 stainless steel, the Operator is 24 tools in one. This makes it a great survivalist tool perfect for things like camping, with its ax head, hammer, pry bar, metric and standard measuring function and much more having your back no matter what situation you might find yourself in.

Beyond the ax itself, there’s also the included sheath that can be clipped to a belt or used with MOLLE equipment, attaching to whichever side you prefer.

Not only that, the Operator gives you an instruction manual if you need it. While a tomahawk having something like this usually doesn’t work in its favor, it’s somewhat justified given just how much this tool can do.

5. SOG Survival Hawk

SOG’s Survival Hawk Tomahawk is a supremely versatile piece of equipment, sporting a number of eclectic features that, more than just about any other ax, make it a must-have for outdoorsmen of all stripes.

While being just slightly over a foot in length might make this axe sound a bit shrimpy, it’s hardly a knock against it.

Fitting comfortably in the hand, the Survival Hawk’s extra sharp straight-edged blade cuts like a knife. Ending in a point, you could even use it to pierce objects if you wished.

On the reverse is a nail puller, while the top of the axe is wide and flat enough to use like a hammerhead. Below that is the extra hard fiberglass and nylon handle wrapped in a reflective paracord, providing both extreme durability with a non-slip grip.

Housed inside is a small ferrocerium firestarter rod, proving that this tomahawk is a perfect utility for the outdoors by helping you set fire to the wood you’ve been chopping with it.

6. RMJ Shrike Tomahawk

RMJ’s Shrike Tomahawk is in a league of its own. While many of the axes on this list are multi-functional, this is one you know beyond a shadow of a doubt was designed as a weapon.

Made from heat-treated 4140 steel with a tungsten Cerakote finish, the Shrike tomahawk was made to do some serious damage to whatever you swing or throw it at. It packs enough of a punch to break through Kevlar (tested by RMJ against level 3 soft armor) with both its blade and back spike, meaning you should have no trouble breaking through just about anything with this axe.

Completing the tomahawk is its sturdy handle tang wrapped in over-molded rubber in either black, green, or brown.

It’s also been tested to insulate against shocks up to 2,000 volts in addition to the usual benefit of providing a more secure grip on your tool.

7. Browning Black Label Shock N’ Awe Tomahawk

While a bit smaller than most would expect, Browning’s Shock N’ Awe Tomahawk is no less effective at its job. Part of the company’s premium Black Label collection, you can be sure it brings a level of quality you won’t find elsewhere.

The smaller size of the Shock N’ Awe works to its advantage in many ways, making it a good transitional weapon for those who are more used to the size and heft of throwing knives or daggers.

It also works well as a hand axe, it’s nearly 3-inch 1055 stainless steel blade ready to slice and dice at close range in tandem with piercing blows from its back spike.

That’s not all there is to this tomahawk, though, as the pommel itself doubles as a third spike for downward strikes while also featuring a hole for attaching a security cord if desired.

Beyond that, the handle is wrapped in black nylon paracord for a secure grip. Each axe is complemented by a polymer belt sheath, as well, letting you store it safely without issue and deploy at a moment’s notice from your hip.

8. CRKT Kangee T-Hawk

CRKT comes out with a strong contender in the form of their Kangee “T-Hawk” axe. It makes the most out of its hatchet-like design, giving you the opportunity to carve into things like nothing else.

The Kangee’s black SK5 carbon steel blade is paired with a spike on the opposite end, both sides cutting through just about anything with ease.

The blade, in particular, can rip through even metal without much problem provided you’ve got the strength required to make the most out of this tool. 

Affixed to the curved handle tang are two glass-reinforced nylon grips, textured for maximum control and to ensure nothing slips unless you’re throwing it.

Additionally, you can store this tomahawk in an included Kydex sheath. It’s both MOLLE-compatible and features a buckle strap, giving you a variety of options for how you wish to carry your axe.

9. RMJ Jenny Wren Spike Tomahawk

Designed specifically for use in close quarters or to breach doors, the RMJ Jenny Wren Spike Tomahawk is not to be trifled with.

Measuring around a foot in length and weighing in at only 20 ounces, the Jenny Wren is great for quick slashes and chops while also flying quite far when thrown. It also has a thick back spike for both additional piercing power and evening the weight.

Constructed from steel finished with tungsten Cerakote, it’s sturdy enough to take just as much abuse as it can dish out without losing its edge, chipping, or otherwise taking any damage itself.

The handle, which is available in either black, olive, or brown colors, is constructed of a full-tang beam and G-10 textured grips to make it just as strong as the rest of the axe.

Five rivets along the length of this are hollowed out, giving you the option of securing them with lanyards if desired. The Jenny Wren also comes with a
bottom-eject Kydex sheath for safe carrying and storage, the sheath including straps to attach it to your belt.

10. BRT Bladeworks Valkyrie Tomahawk

If something is going to take the name of the Valkyries from Norse mythology, it had better live up to the hype. Fortunately, the BRT Bladeworks Valkyrie Tomahawk does that and more.

Beautifully handmade with each purchase, the Valkyrie is a mean piece of equipment perfect for both newer and more experienced tomahawk users who can appreciate the finer details of the weapons they own.

Measuring in at 14 and a half inches overall, the 4140 carbon steel blade is strong and sturdy enough to hack through just about anything you could want it to without complaint. For anything else, you’ve got the thick back spike on the opposite end.

Covering the handle is gray Tero Tuf plastic, providing an excellent grip in line with the rest of the simple and elegant aesthetic of the weapon and its matching Kydex sheath.

With either commercial or handmade products, you’d be hard pressed to find one that was made with as much love and passion as the Valkyrie.

11. WK RnD Compact Axe

The WK RnD Compact Axe is a thing of beauty, crafted for both aesthetics and performance.

While it wouldn’t be true to say this tomahawk is all looks, it’s hard to understate how attractive its curved handle in a variety of woods and materials really is next to the solid black axehead.

In terms of function, though, is where the RnD really shines. Made from quality axe steel and coated in a black no-glare finish, it can easily cleave through anything in your path without complaint.

Unique among its kind, this tomahawk also has the option of including a front spike in addition to the traditional back spike, giving you more options for destructive potential.

Even the handle has been designed with users in mind, having the section below the head designed in a way that somewhat mimics the feel of a pistol grip, making it easier for someone to use it in close quarters.

There’s also the lined Kydex sheath a quick release system, making it easy to both safely store and quickly wield this tomahawk without issue.

12. SOG Tactical Tomahawk

Based on the weapon frequently used by soldiers in the Vietnam War, the SOG Tactical Tomahawk still performs admirably against its more recent peers.

Updated for the modern day, this is one axe you can depend on during all sorts of disaster scenarios.

The polished 420 stainless steel blade glides through wood and other materials with ease, the extra long back spike packing enough power to pierce through anything the blade might not be able to handle.

Not only that, the flat side of the axehead can be used as a hammer, even featuring a checkered textured section in the middle for more accurate pounding.

The head is attached to a black fiberglass-reinforced nylon handle, texturing along the lower section providing an excellent no-slip grip.

Overall, it’s more than strong enough to stand up to even the most extreme tasks whether it’s being used up close or thrown

13. United Cutlery M48 Liberator Infantry Tomahawk

Though they might be more known for their swords and movie replicas, United Cutlery is no slouch when it comes to their own original creations.

That’s why the M48 Liberator Infantry Tomahawk is such a competently made weapon, its hardcore appearance matching its ferocity when in use.

With “infantry” in the name, you can rest assured that this axe lives up to the hype. the M48 Liberator is made from black-finished AUS-6 stainless steel, lending it a level of durability that’s hard to compete with.

As a result, it can also punch through even many metals without much of a problem, both with its curved blade or the long back spike on the opposite side, the latter itself even designed a bit like a second blade. It’s also corrosion and scratch resistant, meaning the last thing you’ll have to think about while you’re using your axe is the health of the axe itself.

Sharing its resilience with the head, the M48 Liberator’s handle is made from injection-molded nylon.

This is augmented with texturing running the entire length of the handle, ensuring your tomahawk won’t slip from your grip unless you decide to throw it.

In Conclusion

Hopefully you’ve learned why we’re so keen on the tomahawk by now after running down the various features of these 13 fantastic axes.

If any of this seems like something you might want, check out the examples we’ve selected on this list and give one a try for yourself.

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