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Travel Wallets

Excited to take your next vacation?

I know whenever I go on a trip, I'm always a little worried that I'm going to lose my passport or that someone might steal it or that I might get it wet.

This has happened to me twice and is not recommended.

Your passport is a vital part of any successful adventure, so make sure to get it the protection it needs, to make it home safety from your journey.

We can help you with this.

We currently have three different types of travel wallets, with two more designs being released shortly.

To view all the different variations of each design, please visit the full travel wallets collection here.

Our original design and still our most popular is the #021.

Sorry, we don't have fancy names for the designs.

Leather Travel Wallet

The #021 passport wallet is mainly designed for the solo travellers but if you forgo the cash pocket, the wallet can be used for couples, holding two passports.

Leather Travel Wallet

Personalized using the Times New Roman font.

Leather Travel Wallet

The inside of the passport wallet.

    This travel wallet design is made from premium distressed leather and hand-stitched using a wax nylon thread.

    Here are the features of this awesome wallet:

  • Can hold 2 passports
  • 2 credit card slots (4+ cards)
  • Full grain distressed leather
  • Our signature hand stitching
  • Size: ~(4″ by 5.75″)
  • Metric Size: ~(11 cm by 15 cm)
  • All products are handmade, made to order

To view this wallet up close or to purchase, go here.

We also have a short video available if you want to see it up close and personal.

Passport Cover

Our next design is the book cover, minimalist travel wallet. 

It depends on the border guard, but generally you won't have to take your passport out of the cover when crossing borders.  

Which is a good thing.

Once your passport is inserted into this design, it will stay in perfect shape, as the leather armor surrounding it will absorb any of obstacles encountered on your travel path.

As more and more customers make requests, I can no longer keep track of all the cool images we've branded onto the front of the wallet.

passport cover

Inside personalization placement.

passport holder

Compass Image on the front.

How to Personalized Your Passport Wallet?

The steps to personalize your very own travel wallet is easy so please don't be afraid to place order.

If we have any questions about your order, don't worry, we will contact you and discuss it further if needed.

Here are the steps to get your wallet customized:

Step 1:

Select one of the options from the 'Personalized' drop down menu. 

'Not Personalized'​​​​ means you don't want anything on the wallet.

'Add image' means you just want an image on the front. So in this example, we'd brand the Compass image on the front. Please note, you can request a different image. If you have a custom image, send us a message.

'Add image+initials' means you want an image on the front and your initials also branded onto the wallet. The location of the initials is entirely up to you.

'Add initials' means you just want initials, no image on the front.

Step 2:

Fill in your instructions.  Tell us how you want your travel wallet personalized.

i.e. Please put the Compass image on the front and the initials XYZ on the inside corner, just like the sample picture, using the same font and font size.

Step 3:

Checkout.  See, that wasn't hard.

To view this wallet up close or to purchase, go here.

Passport Cover Samples

Travel Wallets

Add your favorite travel quote!

Travel Wallets

Don't worry, be happy!

Don't be afraid to ask us to brand your favorite quote or logo onto the wallet.

Please note: we can't brand copyrighted images. i.e. We can't brand your favorite sports team's logo.

Minimalist Passport Wallet

Our third travel wallet is the most minimalist utilizing the sleeve design.

It only measures 4" by 5.5" and is super slim!

Minimalist Travel Wallet

Personalized Minimalist Travel Wallet

Travel Wallets

Reverse View of Passport Sleeve

There isn't much more to say about this design. We did add two credit cards slots onto the backside, so you can keep your frequent flyer cards handy when checking in at the airport.

To view this wallet up close or to purchase, go here.

To view all of our travel wallets, go here.

Travel Journals

Travellers like to write. 

Maybe its a poem or a diary or just your thoughts, but whatever the case, you need a place to keep your writings safe in one place.

Problem solved:

Our travel journals are made using the exact same premium distressed leather.

The current design utilizes the very common and easy to find A6 notebook. We will also be releasing a Field Notes version in the near future but one problem that I found when I was travelling, its hard to find Field Notes replacement notebooks in third world countries.

I can't even order them directly to our home in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

So this is the main reason we choose to utilize the A6 notebooks.

travel journals

Travel Journal

travel diary

Ying Yan Travel Diary

The travel journals are a little hard to find on our website. We working to improve the customer experience.

Same as our passport wallets, the image on the front is optional.

What you choose to personalize onto your travel journal is entirely up to you.

Overall, I think travel quotes look the best and bring the most meaning.

I know the feeling. You check into a hostel, you're starving, you just want to drop your pack and get some food.

But you also don't want to just leave your stuff unprotected.

So its always good to have little secret pockets designed into your clothes or maybe your belt.

Presto, problem solved.

After getting back from South America, I knew I wanted to make a new leather belt design with a hidden pocket sewn into the lining. I'd seen them before but not in a leather belt design. 

travel belt

Suede underside

travel belt closeup

Secret Pocket Closeup

The pocket is small. You aren't going to get a lot inside. But it can be handy to store some big money or other small stuff.

Another idea I had was to make a belt that might be useable for self defense, but still fashionable to cross borders without raising eyebrows.

handmade travel belt

Extra Rings

self defense belt

Heavy Buckle

This design is my personal favorite and used every day. Its a little bit heavy but that extra weight might come in handy one day. Our selection of leather belts with secret pockets can be found here.

Yes, it does set off the metal detectors at the airport.

Production & Shipping:

All our products are made to order taking 1 – 5 days to make.

Once made, shipping takes 1 – 4 weeks depending on where you live and the service you select when checking out.

USA customers with a physical address can use Fedex with delivery in 3 – 5  business days.

If you live outside the USA, please visit our FAQ.

Custom Travel Wallet Request

If you have an idea for a passport wallet that nobody seems to make, please pitch us the idea.

We love making new designs especially customers' requests.