Minimalist Money Clip Wallet [Black]

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This Minimalist Money Clip Wallet is made premium vegetable chrome leather. 

The clip is made from stainless steel.  We built it to be tough as nails.

For the thread color, you have three choices: Dark Brown(shown), White and Natural Tan.

Minimalist Money Clip Wallet

  • Stainless Steel Clip
  • Size: 3″ by 4″
  • Metric Size: 7.5 cm by 10 cm
  • Holds 6 cards + folded cash
  • Premium Vegetable Chrome Leather
  • Our signature hand-stitching
  • All products are handmade, made to order

Want Something More Rugged?

We also have distressed leather available. If you like the rugged, rustic, more wild, wild west look, then these are the wallets for you.

Distressed Leather wallets also form the awesome glossy patina much, much quicker. 

Minimalist Money Clip Wallet using Distressed Leather

Distressed Leather

Customize Your Wallet!

Personalization (optional add $6) is also available for this listing. Select it from the drop down menu.

If you choose to personalize your wallet, please make sure to leave us your complete instructions, i.e. font size, font, location, etc.

We recommend, the Times New Roman font, 1 cm high.

Or you can pick any font you wish, just so long as its free for us to download. A good website to explore for fun, free fonts is

Once you find one there you like, just leave us a note and we’ll do the rest.

Money Clip Wallets

This listing is our smallest, slimmest, most minimalist money clip wallet. So if that fits your needs, this is the money clip wallet for you.

But just in case you want to see some more options, we have two other money clip wallets: 

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