What is Distressed Leather?

Here is my very best definition:

Distressed leather, also known as Pull-Up leather, is a full grain, aniline dyed oiled leather. When distressed, the oils cause the colouring to migrate and become lighter in the distressed areas.

Sample product using distressed leather.

distressed leather

Still confused?

No problem, its confusing stuff. 

Distressed leather is designed to allow simulated marks of age and wear.

So you can take a brand new wallet, scratch it and bend it, and make it look vintage, like it was your grandfather's wallet.

Here's a quick video demonstrating scratching the wallet, then repairing the scratches.

I know, we don't make the greatest videos. Cut us a little slack, we spend most of our time making awesome leather wallets for you guys. Actually Bibi has some really cool time elapse videos coming.

Magic Repairs

Ok, so distressed leather allows you to scratch and bend the wallet, and it also allows you to add oils back into the leather, instantly repairing the leather.

When you are scratching a distressed leather wallet, you're really just displacing fibers and oil. By massaging the area affected with a little oil, you smooth area back out making the scratches disappear. This is the awesome benefit of owning a wallet made from full grain leather.

They scratch easy but they repair just as easy. You can do this will leather products that have pigmented finishes. If you scratch your designer handbag, its scratched forever.

Changing Colors

"Why wallet doesn't look the same color as the picture".

Your wallet won't look the same color tomorrow. Distressed leather continuously changes color, darker to lighter, depending on the oil content of the leather.

Ifs dried out or distressed, its lighter in color. If you add a bunch of oil (like coconut) it will get much, much darker in color.

Overtime, the leather will get gradually darker because you are using it everyday, constantly touching it, adding the oils from your hands and this will lead to the formation of the patina.

Glossy Patina

Distressed leather will absorb the oils from your hands and this natural process will cause the leather to form a patina over time. A patina is a glossy layer that will make the wallet look even better.

The leather used to make this wallet will only get better and better with age.

JooJoobs Distressed Leather Wallets

JooJoobs likes making rugged, handmade leather wallets. This is the sole reason we use distressed leather. 

Our wallets are intended to be original, and not something you would generally find in a store.

Every wallet is made by hand.

No two wallets will ever look the same. Our wallets are sisters not identical twins.

Leather FAQ

Check out our leather frequent asked questions page. Its loaded with leather facts and tidbits.

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