The Best Travel Hackers Blogs That You Need to Follow


A travel hacker is someone who uses all sorts of tips, tricks, and insider knowledge to find ways to make traveling more affordable.

There’s hundreds of blogs all across the internet dedicated to travel hacking, but like with anything online, it’s tough to sift through the noise and find what’s actually helpful.

To learn everything you need to know about travel hacks and get a head start on globetrotting, here’s our list of the best travel hacker blogs you can visit right now.

Each one is filled with tons of useful information on how to get the best deals out of all aspects of travel, from places to stay, things to do, and especially how to get there.

For the websites below, I've tried to also included their social profiles.

Quite often, the best way to stay in the know and up-to-date on daily travel hacks is to follow these travel bloggers Twitter and RSS feeds.

1. One Mile at a Time



At One Mile at a Time, Ben Schlappig aka. Lucky talks about his adventures while traveling. Lucky started when he was 14; he definitely knows his stuff. 

In between his stories and Q&A time, he also shares tips on how to get the most out of credit cards and collect airline miles, among other helpful topics.

The must visit (among many) Travel Hacking page on Lucky's website is the Tips & Tutorials. Enough said, check it out for yourself.

2. The Flight Deal



The Flight Deal is your one stop shop for daily cheap flight information.

As they discover cheap flights, they post them on their blog, sharing the information with their readers and subscribers. Its a free service, so best to take advantage of it.

Do yourself a favor and subscribe to their RSS feed and Twitter. If one of their daily flight updates suits your fancy, act quick, the deals don't last long.

3. Nomadic Matt



Matthew Kepnes aka. Nomadic Matt is an American travel expert and probably the most famous travel blogger. (just my personal guess/opinion)

His blog essentially covers everything related to budget travel.

Some of his favorite include practical travel tips like how to buy insurance, choosing a backpack, and basic advice for beginners. He also makes lists of his favorite spots to visit or places to stay in different locations.

Matthew is a New York Times best selling including a book dedicated to....Travel Hacking. I haven't read it myself but if you want to check it out, here is his book page.

His short article on booking cheap flights is loaded with great advice.

If in the future you aspire to become a full-time travel hacker/blogger, Matthew Kepnes blogging business model is the perfect example on how to do it right, on how to make money online while travelling the world on the cheap.

If you want to learn how to make money online, don't buy a course, just mimic the people who make money online. 

Watch the video below to get some insider insight (not sure if I'm allowed to use those two words together) into how he got started and grew his travel blogger business over time.

4. Frugal Travel Guy


Since 2007, Rick Ingersoll has been blogging about how to travel cheaply.

Some of the highlights of his long and storied career include his rookie FAQ, detailed explanations of different travel terminology and how to take advantage of it, and how good credit can benefit you in travel.

As you get more familiar with travel hacking, you will quickly see the cheap travel most travel hackers are relying on, comes from the reward and signup bonuses of varies credit cards they acquire.

To qualify and receive the bonus signup bonuses from these credit cards, you need to meet the 'minimum spend' requirement set forth by the credit card issuer.

This article by the Frugal Travel Guy explains many different ways to meet the minimum spent.

5. TripHackr



TripHackr’s Clint talks about his adventures from over 122 different countries, sharing the things he’s learned over his travels. 

In addition to tips on how to get good flights and better rates, he takes things a step further by discussing how to spend your money wisely on trips, even customizing different guides for specific cities.

Here is interesting article taking a different angle, on how to meet minimum spend.

6. PointChaser


PointChaser is staffed by Ariana Arghandewal, a lifelong traveler who wants to share the tips and tricks she’s picked up over the decade and a half adventuring from place to place.

She writes all kinds of different posts covering the basics of how to rack up points at different venues and from different ways to her experiences in new places.

She also posts a monthly checklist detailing how to gain the most amount of points possible.

Another term you going to see a lot associated with travel hacking, and this is where we start to dip into the 'grey' area, is manufactured spending.

This blog gives a lot of information on this very subject.


Best Article:

Sorin Mihailovici is a busy guy. The above article is a must read, packed full of really good travel tips. His #9 tip puts a whole new perspective on long layovers.

8. Scott's Cheap Flights


If you follow more than one travel hacker's blog, you going to start seeing a pattern, everybody recommends Scott's Cheap Flights.

We also recommend you subscribe to Scott's email list and follow him on Twitter. You want to be to act quickly to his daily finds to maximize value.

Scott has also written two books on finding cheap flights, you can download them to you kindle.

Here is a link if you are interested. (not an affiliate link, just spreading the love)

9. Canadian Kilometers


Jeff runs the Canadian Kilometers blog.

Since I'm a fellow Canadian, this website is perfect for me because the tips and tricks he teaches are for....Canadians.

The website is choked full of advice.

The article I was most interested in, was on how to Avoid Foreign ATM Fees. ATM fees from both your home bank and the foreign ATM machine can be immense, a lot more than most people probably expect.

10. The Points Guy


No travel hacking list would be complete without mentioning the Points Guy. (Brian Kelly)

I've visited this website for many, many years and I'm sure many of you have too. The Points Guy is quite often a daily website visited by many fellow travel hackers each and every day.

If you are completely new to the ins and outs of airline loyalty programs, start here.

11. FlyerTalk


FlyerTalk’s main appeal is its interactivity, being a community forum for travelers all across the world to share their secrets on all aspects of travel.

The last time I checked the website, there were 6855 other users currently using the website.

There’s also up to date news on happenings in the airline industry and blog posts on a variety of subjects, several of which commonly include how to earn extra rewards points at different hotels or airlines.

12. Million Mile Secrets


At Million Mile Secrets, there’s a wealth of information to be found on earning rewards points. Specifically, much of their advice involves learning how to make credit cards work for you.

They also provide airline, card, and hotel reviews specifically geared around them being extra cheap or even free because of your points.

The main reason I love this travel hacker website; awesome navigation. Its a very easy website to use, thanks guys for the awesome user experience.

Check out their how-to travel guides.

13. Travel Codex


Travel Codex was set up by veteran traveler Scott Mackenzie, known for all sorts of travel hacks featured in his book, ”Hack My Travel”.

His blogging content is similarly stellar, with more tips as well as in-depth reviews of each of his travel experiences.

Want to learn how to upgrade to a better seat? Follow the Travel Codex's in-depth guides here.

Scott was the first travel hacker I read that shared the concept of Fuel Dumping to us novices. Other fuel dumping resources here.

Unfortunately, he has recently decided to cut back on his blogging, but not to worry, the site does feature lots of awesome guest travel bloggers.

Enough about Scott, it's Caroline and Drew's turn.

14. Travel is Free


On Travel is Free, Caroline and Drew discuss their history of travel together and neatly breakdown their expenses to help you find ways to save. 

There are tons of helpful graphics and charts that make everything easy to understand paired with basic explanations of travel fundamentals, perfect for new travelers looking to get their foot in the door of adventure. 

This article has our #12 interviewing our #14, enjoy its very enlightening!

15. There and Back Again


There and Back Again is a blog consisting of stories from all the places Shanna Schultz has traveled (helpfully broken up by country and continent) and different travel hacks she’s picked up along the way. 

She and her family have traveled all across the world and have helpful tips for all sorts of things, like packing lists, opinions on the most seasonally-appropriate clothes for the area, and much more.

This is a great resource for family travelers.

16. PointsNerd


At PointsNerd, travel reviews combine with in-depth breakdowns of how to earn and spend rewards points from all kinds of different businesses.

Like Canadian Kilometers, this a great source for Canadians.

In addition to content related to negotiating credit card fees, when and how to book trips for the best deals, and some helpful basics, there’s also a handy section for Travel Hacking Dictionaries to help you learn the lingo.

17. Hey Nadine


Hey Nadine, you're number seventeen.

You might recognize Nadine Sykora from her YouTube channel, meaning you’re likely already familiar with her blog.

At Hey Nadine, she discusses her travel experiences and the things she’s learned over her years of adventuring, with both blog posts and videos on topics like saving money while traveling, how to work abroad, the importance of insurance, and safety tips for women traveling alone.



David is a German traveler who writes about his experiences going to other countries on a budget.

On, he talks about all sorts of topics with an entire section dedicated to travel hacks, with a particular focus on what and how to pack for your trips.

19. The Blonde Abroad


The Blonde Abroad covers the ongoing journey of Kiersten as she explores the worlds of travel and fashion, blogging about her adventures and spreading her wisdom to her readers.

She has all sorts of posts related to where to find specialized foods for diets and health conditions while abroad, packing essentials, and tips for traveling with a toddler.

20. Legal Nomads


Jodi Ettenberg used to be a lawyer but realized her real passion was travel blogging.

Discussing the foods, cultures, and accommodations she experiences on her journey, she provides pages worth of helpful information related to local foods, safety tips, and packing essentials that will serve you well while you’re out exploring the world.

21. Travel Addicts


The titular Travel Addicts of this blog are Lance and Laura, two professionals who love to travel and write about creative ways to make the most out of minimal vacation time.

In addition to posts about the places they’ve visit, the two also review hotels, recommend supplies for certain trips, and provide a thorough breakdown of how to get the most out of your rewards programs.

22. Global Grasshopper


Global Grasshopper is a blog curated by Becky, a traveler intent on exploring the lesser known places of beauty throughout the world.

In her blog, she talks about restaurants, unique hotels, places of interest, and even how to volunteer all while providing helpful hacks related to what to pack, navigating cities, and the importance of VPNs while on the road.

23. Mommy Points


Mommy Points is a part of the larger The Points Guy website where Summer Hull talks about everything you need to know related to traveling with your children and all the good and bad that comes with it.

In addition to resources on how to save money, earn extra rewards points, and reviews of places she’s traveled to or stayed at, she also discusses topics related to kids, including preparing them for their first flight and booking hotels for families, plus news related to airlines, credit cards, and more.

24. Head for Points


Just like how Canadian Kilometers is blog for Canadians, Head for Points is a blog designed for UK travelers.

The website is run by Rob Burgess, writing mainly about Avios points and British Airways. If you live in the UK, this is the travel hacker blog you are going to want to follow.

25. Globe Guide


Tamara at Globe Guide provides tons of content on travel, from rankings of the best attractions she’s experienced to guides on things like brewing coffee. 

She has several aggregate list-type posts collecting numerous travel hacks in one place, making it convenient to browse her blog if you’re looking for as many ways to save as possible.

26. Mighty Travels


Mighty Travels is run by Torsten and Salina, two travelers looking to help people enjoy new experiences in a safe and affordable way.

Their posts include tips on saving money, getting good deals, travel essentials like VPNs, and ways to game the system in your favor.

They also boost deals and other time-sensitive money saving options on the regular.

27. The Art of Non-Conformity


Staffed by Chris Guillebeau, The Art of Non-Conformity is a collection of his personal musings, reactions to news, discussions about the books he’s written, and much more.

Many of the blog posts on his website are related to travel, too, including one mapping out how much it would cost to visit every country on the planet.

28. Loyalty Traveler


Ric Garrido runs Loyalty Traveler to shine a spotlight on different deals and rewards programs offered by airline companies and hotels.

He also posts reviews of all the places he’s stayed at or companies he’s flown with, typically a large number at a time to give a very eclectic view of different businesses you could choose when planning your adventures.

29. FlightNetwork

Very Worthy Article:

This isn't really a travel hacker blog, but the above article is awesome, so we made room for them in our list.

30. Well Traveled Mile


On the Well Traveled Mile blog, Rand Shoaf discusses everything he’s learned about credit cards, airline rewards systems, and saving money on travel.

Unlike other travel bloggers in this list, Rand really focuses his blog on product reviews and comparisons, posts on supplies you might need while on an adventure, detailing the pros and cons of different types of products.

Maybe if we sweet talk him, he'll review one of our travel wallets??

Well Traveled Mile - Rand

31. Extra Pack of Peanuts


Travis and Heather run Extra Pack of Peanuts as a resource for travelers.

Going a step beyond simply just writing blog posts and articles on how to save, they also make a podcast and offer a free eBook to anyone who visits the blog.

As for tracking hacking advice, check out their comprehensive knowledge on cheap car rentals.

32. Zero to Travel 


Zero to Travel’s Jason discusses how he got his start in travel, tips like how to quickly earn free flights, and tons of other topics.

He’s also got a podcast that covers all kinds of helpful information, including travel, safety and jobs.

Here is Zero to Travel's beginners guide to travel hacking.

33. View from the Wing


At View from the Wing, Gary Leff details what he’s learned regarding rewards programs during his lifetime of travel.

He breaks down different airlines companies and their specific rewards programs, providing strategies and expert opinion for making the most out of them, plus news articles on any changes to policy that might affect these programs.

34. The Cranky Flier


Bretty Snyder of The Cranky Flier blogs about everything airline related.  

From trip reviews and small anecdotes to industry news and flying advice, his blog is a wealth of knowledge with a humorous spin. OK, he's not a travel hacker, but he's very knowledgeable when it comes to the airline industry.

35. Packsmith by Tortuga


It stands to reason that the makers of travel-friendly backpacks might know a thing or two about travel. 

Packsmith by Tortuga is an entire blog dedicated to different travel tips including an entire section on travel hacks specifically, with gems like how to book flights at the last minute at good prices, getting the most out of your rewards points, and how to get access to airport lounges easily.

36. Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet writes a lot about flying as that name would imply, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

His blog posts are a combination of flying tips, from how to get the best seats in coach to ways to earn extra points for flying, and guides on what to do once you’ve landed, such as different hot spots in places he’s been to or ways to make your stay more comfortable.

37. The Travel Hack



The Travel Hack is a blog about how to get the most out of your travel experience.

Run by Monica, it focuses on a variety of tips related to luxury travel, packing, family adventures, and more.

Even enjoying listening versus reading text, check out her video section where she goes more in depth on various topics.

In Summation

If you’re going to travel, do it right. Travel hacking is a skill anyone who’s invested in seeing the world should learn, and these bloggers are a great resource for learning the ins and outs of how it’s done.

Take a look around, see what you can find, and get ready for an adventure at an incredibly affordable price.

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