Is it your 3rd year anniversary?

Do traditional anniversary gifts that will leave your partner as breathless as your first kiss entice you?

Are you uninformed on the 3rd year anniversary options available and need to find the perfect gift fast?

Perhaps you want to plan a day for your leather anniversary.

You might even be reading because you’re about to celebrate a different wedding anniversary.

If you didn’t even know that wedding anniversaries have traditional gifts by the year until recently, then you’re likely a husband reading this article. What can we say?
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Continue reading for a plethora of keys to your partner’s happiness for this anniversary and the many more to come.

Wedding Anniversary Meanings

Wives are usually better at preparing for anniversaries than husbands. (Sorry fellas)

Regardless of whether you’re a husband who just hasn’t come to the realization that wedding anniversary meanings exist or a wife who is simply scouring the Internet looking for some more insight, let us provide some insight regarding anniversary gifts.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

Here are each of the wedding anniversary gifts listed out by year:

1st Year Wedding Anniversary Gift - Paper

Although a paper present might not sound super appealing, this is the traditional gift given for the first year wedding anniversary. As far as wedding anniversary meanings go, we find that the symbolism coming with the paper gift is accurate.

A paper gift is meant to represent a clean sheet as you are starting anew with your spouse.

From the moment you’re married, your lives are brought together for eternity. It’s also a representation of the fact that paper is something that can easily be destroyed, foreshadowing what might happen if marital care is not given.

Although this gift seems rather plain or simple, it is where the anniversary first begins and it provides an accurate representation of the first year of marriage.

2nd Year Wedding Anniversary Gift - Cotton

The cotton present is given on the 2nd wedding anniversary and stands for the way the couple should intertwine together and grow their strength as a pair over time.

This gift is also a representation of how as time passes, the couple must learn to exhibit the flexibility and strength such as that of cotton that has been intertwined together.

The cotton gift acts as a constant reminder that a marriage requires the effort of both spouses working together to become better. You are better with your significant other by your side just as your significant other is better with you by their side.

Your next wedding anniversary gift will bring even more love into your home than you ever thought possible.

3rd Year Wedding Anniversary Gift - Leather

Leather anniversary gifts are presents your partner will cherish forever. As a 3 year anniversary memento, leather stands for the feelings of shelter and security that you’re meant to bring your partner.

Your partner should feel safe when they’re with you just as you should feel safe when you’re with them. You’re a primary contributor to your relationship as are they. This symbolism dates back to how ancient humans used leather as their means of protection.

The truth behind this is that a 3 year anniversary acts as a major benchmark in a marriage. With this said, your marriage is a representation of both spouses feeling secure and having a home as well as someone to constantly look out for their best interests.

4th Year Wedding Anniversary Gift - Fruit & Flowers

Being married for 4 years is quite impressive and within this time, it’s likely that you’ll experience some of the sweetest things life has to offer.

Your relationship will begin bearing fruit and flourish as you both nurture it.

Fruit and flowers symbolize this fact of life, providing a representation of the refreshment you’ll find in each other as well as the care you must give as your marriage matures and blossoms.

5th Year Wedding Anniversary Gift - Wood

Trees on their own act as a symbolization of strength, time, and wisdom. They continue to grow and develop over time and as the years pass, their roots develop.

What was once an unstable sapling becomes a full tree with developed roots and stability that cannot be moved.

Like the trees, your relationship develops and takes root.

Over time, your relationship evolves into something that is capable of enduring the worst of what life has to offer. The wood present carries this meaning with it, making it one that is not soon forgotten.

6th Year Wedding Anniversary Gift - Iron

Civilization would not be where it is today without the discovery of iron. This naturally occurring metal is what brought us up from the depths of the stone age and into an era of incredible discovery through tooling.

This is your 6th wedding anniversary and the strength your relationship has at this point is beyond anything you’ve ever known. There is room to improve and the fact that you’ve come this far is proof of this.

Over time, your relationship will strengthen and iron symbolizes this evolution in the process.

7th Year Wedding Anniversary Gift - Copper

Copper is capable of producing heat, allowing the copper present on the 7th wedding anniversary to symbolize the warmth of your relationship.

Couples provide one another with the warmth, comfort, safety, and security they need to become better people over time.

Over the course of your marriage, you will help each other grow as people and while you nurture one another, you yourselves will become stronger as a couple.

With iron being the 6th wedding anniversary present, this material also symbolizes the strength your relationship is adding each year as it matures.

8th Year Wedding Anniversary Gift - Bronze

Over time, wedding anniversary presents increase in value as well as strength. Sporting superiority in relation to strength, bronze is a metal that outlasts both iron and copper. This is a symbolization of your relationship increasing its strength and maturing as it progresses.

Bronze is derived from copper and tin, meaning it also acts as a representation of the blending of two people to become something better and stronger.

You give one another strength and this is something the bronze gift will constantly remind you of.

9th Year Wedding Anniversary Gift - Pottery

In the beginning of your relationship, it was a ball of clay without any shape or substance. Over the last 9 years you’ve been together, you’ve gone through good and bad times that have molded your relationship into something that’s simply stunning.

Your relationship has gone through this furnace we call ‘life’ and like pottery, it has been transformed from something visually unappealing to something gorgeous as well as useful.

The pottery gift is something that will provide the proper remembrance of just how far you’ve come as a married couple.

10th Year Wedding Anniversary Gift - Aluminum

As a famously malleable metal, aluminum provides some significant symbolisation that a married couple must always remember. The aluminum present is a representation of the flexibility and durability your marriage must have.

Your relationship has lasted a decade now and with this time comes the ability to adapt to whatever life throws at the two of you. Aluminum is a metal that exhibits toughness as well, allowing it hold its strength when necessary.

A couple reaching a 10th year wedding anniversary has reached a major milestone in their marriage, showing their relationship’s ability to continue on regardless of what challenges it must take on.

11th Year Wedding Anniversary Gift - Steel

Strength is one of the primary characteristics of steel with this feature it’s actually one of the strongest metals in existence on this planet! This makes it the perfect traditional wedding anniversary gift to give following a decade of love and happiness.

At this point in your marriage, your relationship has forged incredible bonds that are strong enough to the point that they can be symbolized by a steel present.

You’re officially within the second decade of your marriage and your relationship must have this strength to take on any new obstacles confronting it in the future.

12th Year Wedding Anniversary Gift - Home Decor

“Home is where you make it” is something that comes to mind when going into one’s 12th year being married to the love of their life. It has been a long journey with many challenges but your relationship is still standing strong.

Currently, home truly is where you make it and the gift of home decor symbolizes this fact being relevant in your relationship.

Your relationship is your home and just like with any dwelling, some upkeep is required at times. The pipes might start leaking, the paint on your garage might begin to peel, and a variety of other issues can arise.

There is nothing your relationship cannot endure and with a little bit of work, your relationship will continue to thrive.

At this point, you and your spouse are using these gifts to make the place you live a symbolization of the relationship you share.

13th Year Wedding Anniversary Gift - Lace

Lace is the perfect traditional anniversary gift for the 13th year as it displays the elegance and beauty you want in your marriage.

You’ve worked as a team to create something delicate, yet it’s stronger than it’s ever been. This balance is what every marriage strives for, giving ample reason to give the gift of lace for your lucky 13th wedding anniversary.

14th Year Wedding Anniversary Gift - Ivory

Ivory is traditionally used as it’s a symbolization of purity and innocence. It goes further to provide a representation of the integrity and fidelity within your marriage as well.

While ivory is the traditional anniversary gift of the 14th year, it’s not the most ethical present you can give your significant other.

With elephant populations dwindling and poaching being such a problem, we recommend skipping on a true ivory present and opting for a gift that is elephant themed, white in color, or both.

The elephants will thank you and your spouse will appreciate the beautiful gesture of conserving elephant populations.

15th Year Wedding Anniversary Gift - Crystal

Congratulations! 15 years of marriage is yet another milestone and you should be excited for all that the future has in store for the two of you.

This year is when you’re to present a crystal present. At this point, the gifts are becoming increasingly valuable and the gift of crystal symbolizes the investment and sacrifice you both are making as you continue on in your marriage.

These gifts also showcase the clarity and transparency you want to have within your marriage.

As you gift crystal presents to one another, you can reflect on your relationship and all of the years that have led up to this milestone.

20th Year Wedding Anniversary Gift - China

You’ve given all of yourself to your spouse for the last 20 years and now you’ve reached a new milestone. You’re aging, your bodies aren’t what they used to be, and you might even have a few grey hairs.

It doesn’t matter.

Your marriage has withstood the test of time thus far and although being in love is a fragile experience, you’ve made it work. You haven’t taken this love for granted and the China is a symbolization of the fragile nature of love and how you’ve nurtured it over the the last 2 decades.

Over the next 20 years, we’re sure you’ll continue caring for your marriage as you have!

25th Year Wedding Anniversary Gift - Silver

As a precious metal, silver is one of the more valuable metals in existence.

Following 25 years of commitment, it makes sense that the gift will be forged out of something so precious. Symbolizing the value of marriage and how it will shine throughout your future together, this gift is one that will last the rest of your lives.

The silver present acts as a reminder of your commitment to one another and how your relationship will never tarnish.

30th Year Wedding Anniversary Gift - Pearl

The depths of your marriage are depths you’ve swam over the years and you will continue swimming no matter how rough the waters get.

Presenting a pearl gift on your 30th wedding anniversary acts as a symbolization of this as well as all of the beauty that come with your relationship.

Pearls take a lot of time to form and the end result is something gorgeous. This is a symbolization of your marriage’s beauty that comes with 3 decades of maturity.

35th Year Wedding Anniversary Gift - Coral

If you’ve seen live coral before, you know how it spreads like a vast garden along the ocean floor. Deep down in the depths of the ocean these sea gardens are revered as sacred spots that continue to flourish.

In the past, some cultures believed that coral possesses incredible powers capable of shielding a person from harm and sickness.

Some coral has a reddish blood-like color, allowing the idea that it symbolizes a sacred life force. Similar to coral, the life force of your marriage is the loyalty and commitment that comes with 35 years of devotion.

As you continue to love one another and protect each other, this life force will surely continue to grow.

40th Year Wedding Anniversary Gift - Ruby

Symbolizing the love and passion found in your 4 decades of marriage, rubies are gemstones that are prized throughout the world.

The idea behind the ruby present is that within its confines is a flame that grows brighter as your marriage matures.

Over the next 40 years, your love will continue to grow as will the fire within the ruby gift you present your spouse with.

45th Year Wedding Anniversary Gift - Sapphire

Revered as the royal stone, this gemstone is perfect for paying tribute to the 45 years of marriage you and your spouse have conquered. It has been many years of taking on countless obstacles, but you’re continuously been there for one another.

The longevity of the marriage is honorable with a sapphire gemstone, acting as symbolism that your kingdom will continue to prosper in the many years to come.

50th Year Wedding Anniversary Gift - Gold

In various cultures, gold symbolizes prosperity, wisdom, and strength. With these characteristics comes the comparison of what a 50 year marriage will bring to a couple.

Your relationship has prospered over the last 5 decades and now is the time where you are to enjoy your marital wealth.

As your marriage aged, the wisdom and strength you both possess grew tremendously, giving ample reason to give the gift of gold to honor your 50 years of marriage.

55th Year Wedding Anniversary Gift - Emerald

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend but before you gift the diamonds, you’ll have to gift the emeralds! These green gemstones symbolize true love that matches the love you’re experiencing in your marriage.

Emeralds range in darkness from being almost black to a light light green. That being known, there’s a legend that says the shade of an emerald will change when a person is unfaithful in their marriage.

Giving an emerald on the 55th wedding anniversary is the same as saying, “I’m yours. I’m devoted to you & only you.”

Showing your spouse your devotion with this precious gemstone is the perfect way to celebrate this anniversary.

60th Year Wedding Anniversary Gift - Diamond

So while diamonds are a girl’s best friend, they’re also now a traditional wedding gift to give on your 60th wedding anniversary.

In 1897, Queen Victoria celebrated her diamond jubilee for her 60th wedding anniversary, giving ample reason to make this a part of the traditional wedding presents given.

Ever since this happened, 60 years of marriage means giving a gift of diamonds.

70th Year Wedding Anniversary Gift - Platinum

Platinum is one of the rarest precious metals around, as is the ability to reach 70 years of marriage. This is a milestone that is more like a 70-milestone, showcasing just how important this anniversary is.

You’ve spent 70 years married and committed to your spouse.

It’s a lifetime for most but to you, even 70 more years is not enough time to spend with the love of your life.

This being said, the rarity of this precious metal makes it the perfect gift to symbolize the 7 decades of happiness you’ve experienced with your spouse.

75th Year Wedding Anniversary Gift - Diamond

Yes. The diamond is also the present that is gifted for the 75th year wedding anniversary. This is in accord with a tradition that began long before the diamond was the gift for the 60th anniversary.

These gemstones, besides being highly valuable, stand for the strength and affection you’ll continue to experience over the course of your marriage.

Diamonds are formed under pressure, much like a good marriage. This pressurization forms something that is so strong it is nearly impossible to break.

You’re in a marriage that you can expect to endure the test of time and with this in mind, it symbolizes the eternity of love you will share with one another.

Knowing what the wedding anniversary gifts by year are and the meanings behind them is important.

Marriages are built upon a foundation that lasts forever.

With wedding anniversary meanings being associated with these gifts, it’s no wonder that these traditional anniversary gifts have maintained their relevance throughout history!

Now that we’ve gone over what the wedding anniversary meanings are, continue on for some traditional anniversary gifts that go beyond satisfaction.

Traditional Anniversary Gifts

So you’ve found the love of your life and you know it’s forever. But what should you get them for your anniversary?

Maybe you haven’t put that much thought into it. That’s o.k. Even if this is the case, there are traditional anniversary gifts that go deeper than your simple run-of-the-mill gift goes.

Following tradition does more than simply walking in the footsteps of the countless marriages that carried on before you; it provides a foundation for your marriage and builds a structure for the relationship over time. These traditions symbolize so much more and following them is something the person you love will definitely appreciate.

Read on and take note of the traditional anniversary gifts you should keep in mind when celebrating the eternity’s milestones with your spouse.

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

Here are some ideas for a traditional wedding anniversary gifts for your man:

1st Year Wedding Anniversary  - Paper (for Him)

Shopping for paper wedding anniversary gifts for him likely seems difficult but it’s actually quite easy!

Think about what your husband enjoys doing in his free time.

One of the most popular paper gifts given at this time are tickets. So if your husband has a favorite sports team or band, grab a couple of tickets and make a night of it!

Make sure to save the tickets and frame them. This makes for a fantastic little showpiece in your home.

Displaying the tickets has never been easier! You’ll find everything you need to frame your tickets here.

2nd Year Wedding Anniversary - Cotton (for Him)

What would your husband want that is made out of cotton?

He likely has a bunch of cotton shirts already.

Cotton underwear likely isn’t the right move to make.

Our suggestion is ordering a couple of custom pillowcases with your newly acquired last name on them. For example, the cases could say “Last Name” followed by “Est. Wedding Date.”

This is a totally cute present and it adds a nice touch to the living room couches or even the bedroom as throw pillows!

You can design and order custom pillowcases like these.

3rd Year Wedding Anniversary - Leather (for Him)

For the leather anniversary, you’ll find that a leather gift is the perfect choice to make. This material is the most masculine traditional gift you can give him.

The tantalizing smell of beautifully crafted leather products is enough to bring a smile to any man’s face.

At, we offer the highest quality handmade customizable leather products available.

We can write anything you’d like written, allowing you to commemorate your leather anniversary in a way that will ensure he’ll see it every day! Whether you’d like a quote or a note memorializing your 3rd year anniversary, we can make it happen.

This is a special day that calls for the beauty of a quality leather gift and with such an impressive selection, you’ll find a unique traditional wedding anniversary gift that will surely have him ecstatic!

Some of our favorite options offered include iPhone wallet cases, credit card wallets, leather travel wallets, and leather money clip wallets, but there are so many options to choose from!

We have leather anniversary gifts that go beyond satisfying any man’s desire for something to complement his unique style.

4th Year Wedding Anniversary - Fruit & Flowers (for Him)

While some men might enjoy snacking on an Edible Arrangement fruit basket delivered to the office, others might prefer something a little more manly.

The fruit baskets are super tasty and come with a variety of fresh fruits (you get to choose) but if that’s not something your man would enjoy, there are other options.

You could go with something that is more minimalistic, such as these unique handcrafted fruit keychains from BytheShed or something a little more eccentric like this adorable hand-blown glass pineapple.

Ultimately, it’s up to you which direction you decide to take with this gift but we’re certain your husband will love anything you choose for him!

5th Year Wedding Anniversary - Wood (for Him)

If you’re looking for the perfect wood gift for your husband, this docking station is it. These are super unique and you can personalize them, making this something your husband can’t just throw in a bedroom drawer never to be seen again.

You can totally personalize these as well, making them a prime option to gift to your husband to commemorate your 5th anniversary!

They also come in blue, chocolate, or light colors, giving different types of wood you get to choose from. Each of these are handmade to order and hold watches, bracelets, a wallet, phone, sunglasses, and more.

6th Year Wedding Anniversary - Iron (for Him)

The iron year is one of the traditional anniversary gifts that will last a lifetime.

It’s meant to symbolize the strength of your marriage, showing the way you’ll endure the tests of time together. As a decorative piece, there is no greater proclamation of your love for your husband on this anniversary than this fabulous iron scroll!

You’ll get to personalize precisely what this iron scroll says, allowing you to show your love as well as write how you feel with this forever memento of your affection.

These are definitely a must-give for anyone looking to showcase their love for their husband with a stunning hand forged iron gift.

7th Year Wedding Anniversary - Copper (for Him)

If you want a marriage that is going to shine like a new penny for all of eternity, the copper present is something you’ll want to get right!    

You’ll definitely want to check out these adorable copper wallet inserts that you can customize.

They’re 16 gram copper cards that are stamped with your choice of words. You can even put a heart cut out!

With the option of putting up to 200 characters, you’ll have plenty of space to say anything you want him to know forever.

This gift will act as a beautiful reminder of your love and the incredible 7 years you’ve spent making each other happier than you both ever thought possible.

8th Year Wedding Anniversary  - Bronze (for Him)

So bronze gifts for him can be hard to come by and we doubt there is anything that is more sleek and stylish than a personalized engraved pocket watch.

These guys offer the option to engrave a monogram of your choice as well as several other options of engraving.

These engravings are totally custom as well, allowing you to say anything you want. The watches have a nice antique gold finish that gives them an aged look, making it so they are appealing to any man’s style.

They also come with a 15” stainless steel chain with pocket clasp and batteries, ensuring your husband can use it the moment he opens it.

With a handmade bronze watch this stunning, your husband will always know that although the clock is ticking, there is no one he would rather spend all of his time with.

9th Year Wedding Anniversary - Pottery (for Him)

Pottery is not something your man is likely familiar with but if you’re looking for a unique pottery gift for him, scroll through the options offers!

They have so many super cool and interesting pottery pieces that you’re bound to find something he’ll love within their inventory.

One of our personal favorites is their The Mug with a Hoop, but your husband might like their Personalized Handmade Mosaic House Sign.

Regardless of what you get him, know he’ll appreciate the effort you put into finding him something he’ll love!

10th Year Wedding Anniversary  - Aluminum (for Him)

Finding an aluminum wedding anniversary gift for him might sound like a tedious task but it can actually be quite simple if you know what you’re looking for! We found this super awesome concept that your man is sure to love.

These guys create Custom Date Anniversary Aluminum Signs that are cooler than anything he’d expect to receive as a gift.

The signs are handmade and incorporate your wedding date by the month, day, and year.

They also ship quick so if you’re running short on time, this is perfect.

They’re mounted on wood plaques that are ready to hang up, making it so your husband can go straight out to the garage to hang it on the wall! This is definitely something he’ll look up at every time he is parking his car, working on his motorcycle, or organizing the garage!

11th Year Wedding Anniversary - Steel (for Him)

When you need a steel wedding anniversary gift for him that he’ll never forget, you’ll want to find some custom metal workers to create something incredible.

This company offers custom steel signs that will blow his mind!

These are customized to say anything you want and made to order. They’re made out of steel and you have unlimited options regarding what they can do.

Thinking about having your wedding date in big steel numbers to put up in his garage workshop or office?

These craftsmen can get it done.

You’ll love the craftsmanship and care these guys put into their handmade steel signage.

12th Year Wedding Anniversary - Home Decor (for Him)

You’ve likely added the majority of the decor in your home so it’s time he gets a chance to shine!

If he has an at-home office, he’ll love the rustic feel that the this desk organizer lamp will incorporate into your home. You’ll choose from four types of lamp sockets as well as whether you want an iPad charger hole, iPhone charger hole, both, or neither.

These are handmade pieces and sport a unique design that will be sure to surprise the man you love!

13th Year Wedding Anniversary - Lace (for Him)

Lace is an especially difficult gift to give a man, especially when considering how feminine the majority of lace-themed gifts are!

Looking for the perfect lace gift for him?

You’ll want to check out this Lace/13th Wedding Anniversary Custom Couples Portrait that captures the essence of your wedding day in a way that will bring tears to his eyes.

After 13 years of love and devotion, it’s easy to see that this anniversary gift for him will ensure he always has this magnificent remembrance of your wedding day!

You’ll love this lace portrait and the beauty it’ll bring into your home.

14th Year Wedding Anniversary - Ivory (for Him)

While the 14th wedding anniversary gift is supposed to be ivory, having an elephant themed or white present is a better option.

As poachers continuously kill countless elephants for their ivory, supporting this prohibited slaughter of these gentle giants is something we definitely advise against. With this in mind, fabulous faux taxidermy elephant head that comes in a variety of colors is the right move to make.

These heads are beautiful and if you still want to keep the ivory theme, you can even order it in white!

The look on your husband’s face when he opens a box containing this piece will just go to show that even after 14 years of marriage, you’re still capable of surprising him.

15th Year Wedding Anniversary - Crystal (for Him)

Crystal is one of the classiest materials known to man and with this in mind, you’ll want to get him something that brings the sophistication one would expect from a crystal present.

Don’t know what to get him? has a wide selection of gorgeous hand cut crystal pieces to choose from, including ashtrays, whiskey sets, and carafes. They’re capable of hand engraving them as well so putting the date you were married onto anything you order is also an option!

Your husband will definitely enjoy adding a touch of class to his life with a stunning crystal piece.

20th Year Wedding Anniversary - China (for Him)

Fine bone china is exquisite and delicate but your relationship has lasted 2 decades, showing just how durable it is!

These adorable Wifey/Hubby Fine Bone China Mugs are a must-give for the 20th wedding anniversary.

Imagine sitting at your coffee table first thing in the morning before work and pouring a cup of coffee in these beauties.

These are even customizable, allowing you to put your names and the wedding date on them!

He’ll be psyched about these and you’ll both have matching adorable mugs to drink your favorite hot beverages out of!

25th Year Wedding Anniversary - Silver (for Him)

After 25 years of being married, doesn’t your king deserve a crown? Gorgeous crowns that will surely make his jaw drop are not too difficult to find.

Whether your man loves medieval times or you’re looking to get it as a gag gift, this crown will surely make his day.

Each of these crowns is handmade and come with a 100% full money back guarantee, ensuring that your money is being well-spent! This company stands behind their brand and the pictures of their work speak for themselves.

Needless to say, a perfectly crafted silver crown will never cease to amaze a man on his wedding anniversary day!

30th Year Wedding Anniversary - Pearl (for Him)

Pearl is another material that can be hard to figure out when it comes to choosing wedding anniversary gifts for him but it’s not impossible!

This mens pearl bracelet is beyond awesome.

Your man will love the 8mm lava stone beads paired with 8mm Black Akoya pearls for a unique look that attracts eyes from throughout the room. These are totally handmade as well, meaning no one else will have your husband’s exact bracelet.

They’re super easy to order too.

You’ll simply include your husband’s precise wrist size and they’ll make it special for him.

If you don’t know his exact wrist size, simply use a strip of paper or a piece of string to wrap around his wrist while he’s sleeping and measure it with a ruler after!

35th Year Wedding Anniversary - Coral (for Him)

Coral is one of those materials you really don’t see too often so when it’s used in men’s jewelry, it really provides an aesthetic that is rarely observed and impresses!

These titanium rings that have coral inlay within their custom-made bands, offering a gift for your husband that he can wear constantly.

This is a 6mm titanium ring with a polished finish and a 2mm coral inlay encircling the entirety of the ring.

They never tarnish and will not discolor your husband’s finger. Also, the titanium is an aerospace grade titanium, meaning its durability won’t allow it to get dinged or dented.

These are also super lightweight as titanium is approximately ½ the weight of steel while still maintaining the strength you’ve experienced over the course of your 35 years of marriage!

40th Year Wedding Anniversary - Ruby (for Him)

For those of you scouring the Internet for ruby-themed traditional wedding anniversary gifts for him, look no further!

You ready?

This is spiritual gift in the form of a black tourmaline, or raw ruby, gemstone energy bracelet.

These are handmade and incorporate 10mm sphered raw rubies.

They’re 7½ or 8 inches in length so if your husband has big wrists, they can accommodate him. These bracelets also have the power to heal by transforming dense energy into a lighter vibration, showing your husband just how much you care about his spiritual health.

His spiritual energy will be grounded while he wears this bracelet as it cleans his aura and provides him with the perfectly balanced chakras he needs.

The protective shield that it will create around his body is perfect for any man who is looking to avoid negativity.

And if he’s not into spiritual appeal, it’s aesthetically pleasing as well!

45th Year Wedding Anniversary - Sapphire (for Him)

You’ve sailed some rough seas together over the last 45 years but you’ve not only acted as his first mate but the lighthouse guiding him home as well.

This Mariner Compass Ring is a sapphire anniversary gift for him that will ensure your man will always know his way home.

This ring is stunning!

Saying that the ring will be perfect for everyday wear is a serious understatement.

It will go with anything your husband wears and is sure to attract the right amount of attention.

Your husband will love this beautiful ring so much he’ll likely never take it off, allowing it to act as a constant reminder that there is someone special awaiting his arrival home.

50th Year Wedding Anniversary - Gold (for Him)

Just because the 50th traditional wedding anniversary gift is gold doesn’t mean you have to break the bank!

Are you looking for an inexpensive gold anniversary gift?

Then this fantastic gold ballpoint pen is perfect for you!

This comes in a stunningly unique green leather case.

These are perfect for customization too, allowing you to engrave a little reminder of your love for your husband on the pen.

Whether he’s writing something at the office or signing checks to make payments, when he pulls this pen out he’ll consistently have a little note proclaiming your love for him and acting as a memoir of the 50 years of happiness you’ve given one another!

55th Year Wedding Anniversary - Emerald (for Him)

If you’re in need of a masculine wedding anniversary gift for him, know your husband will love the beauty incorporated in this Damascus Steel Ring with Round Brilliant Green Emerald Stone is impressive!

This ring is super unique, providing you with a gift that will leave his mouth agape.

After 55 years of marriage, this handmade ring forged out of the finest steel is sure to give him joy as he tries it on for his first time. This is a 6mm wide Damascus steel ring with a 3mm round green emerald stone.

They also use a 14K white gold bezel to hold the stone firmly in place, ensuring the stone will never fall out of the ring!

60th Year Wedding Anniversary - Diamond (for Him)

You’ve made it incredibly far into your marriage, 6 decades to be exact, and you’re wondering what in the world you should get for the love of your life.

There are a wide variety of diamond options that are out of this world gorgeous. One of our personal favorites is the Diamond Two-Tone Band in Stainless Steel.

The ring isn’t too flashy and has the perfect amount of elegance for any man to feel comfortable wearing it.

It’s beautiful while still maintaining the masculinity that a man should have when wearing jewelry.

This being said, this ring sports a trifecta of beautiful circular diamonds that will undoubtedly complement your husband’s finger while allowing his wedding ring to maintain the spotlight!

70th Year Wedding Anniversary - Platinum (for Him)

Your husband has been your protector for 7 decades now, undoubtedly making him the leader of your family.

You’ve made it this long together and there is nothing that can separate the two of you.

He’s the lion of the family and you’re his lioness.

To commemorate the 70 years you’ve spent together, we found this gorgeous platinum-plated Lion Head Necklace. This necklace says he’s the only man in your life and your respect and admiration for him is never ending!

We’re sure he’ll love what this necklace proclaims to him on your 70th wedding anniversary.

75th Year Wedding Anniversary - Diamond (for Him)

Your marriage has lasted 75 years and the time is nowhere near enough.

Speaking of time, Avianne & Co. offers a Diamond Unisex Watch 3.50 Ctw that is in our opinion the best gift imaginable for your husband after 75 years of love and devotion.

This watch is simply stunning and with diamonds found all along the circumference of the face, it fits the need for this diamond anniversary gift!

The leather band is gorgeous as well, bringing a level of sophistication that a 75-year marriage embeds in a man’s mind.

We’re confident your husband will appreciate all this watch will do for his style while always remembering precisely why he adores you!

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

Here are some traditional wedding anniversary gift ideas for her:

1st Year Wedding Anniversary - Paper (for Her)

You might not be the cutesy type but perhaps your wife is!

First anniversary gifts for her can be tough to find but we’ve found a craftsman that will create the perfect likeness of you and your wife.

They make these incredible Paper Doll Portraits and they’re totally custom-made.

This is a fantastic option to gift her because not only can you have them framed but when you decide to have a child (or multiple children), you’ll have no trouble reaching out to them again to have a new paper doll created to add to your collection!

2nd Year Wedding Anniversary - Cotton (for Her)

So you’ve made it to the 2 year mark in your marriage and now you’re looking for a cotton wedding anniversary gift for her.

Cotton for a gift? Really?

Likely your wife because as you know, it’s the cotton year.

One of the best gifts we can think of is this Cotton Wedding Song Artwork.

This product is totally custom and you’ll include 2 sheet music stanzas along with the title of the song as well as the lyrics of the song.

The first song you danced to at your wedding is the perfect song to use (unless you have another major song that means something to both of you of course) for this artwork.

Hanging this above your bed will complement your bedroom in a way that will ensure she never forgets why she married you!

3rd Year Wedding Anniversary - Leather (for Her)

We might be a little biased but this is our favorite wedding anniversary.

You’ve spent the last 3 years married and while it hasn’t been a long time, you’re betting on it lasting forever. So you want to show her that in your marriage, you’re going to provide her with the strength and protection she deserves.

A leather anniversary gift for her from JooJoobs brings a level of quality that is what every woman expects.

The fresh smell of new leather is something that is enough to bring tears to any woman celebrating her 3rd wedding anniversary.

Our selection of the finest handmade leather products and accessories showcases a variety gifts that will go beyond satisfying your wife.

They’re customizable as well, meaning you’ll be able to add a note telling her that you’re committed to a lifetime of making her happy as she has made the same commitment to you.

We use the premium cuts of full grain leather, resulting in softer, smoother leather products that still manage to sport the level of protection you want to showcase in your marriage.

These fantastic leather anniversary gifts include beauties such as our Treasure Chest Credit Card Wallet, Credit Card Holder, iPhone Wallet Case, Not All Who Wander Are Lost Wallet, and so much more!

4th Year Wedding Anniversary - Fruit & Flowers (for Her)

Everyone knows that nearly every woman loves fruit and flowers.

Go the extra mile and get her something that symbolizes both!

If you’re looking for a service to send her some of the tastiest fruits in the form of a beautiful bouquet, Edible Arrangements is capable of providing her with the best of both worlds!

Edible Arrangements has a Blooming Love With Dipped Strawberries that looks insanely tasty. Within this tasty bouquet, you’ll find their signature pineapple hearts, gourmet semi-sweet chocolate dipped strawberries, and fresh grapes.

The packaging and delivery of this arrangement are what really makes it stand out.

She’ll love the fact that she’s receiving an edible bouquet for her fourth year of happiness married to you!

5th Year Wedding Anniversary - Wood (for Her)

Looking for something unforgettable?

You’ve found it.

There is this stunning rustic wedding wood piece that will surely bring a tear to her eye!

Commemorate your wedding day by ordering a custom print that is directly placed on a fantastic piece of rustic wood. Simply choose your wife’s favorite wedding picture and have them work their magic!

This is definitely a piece that is worthy of being showcased in your home and she’ll love being able to look back at this beauty and remember her 5th year of being married to you!

6th Year Wedding Anniversary - Iron (for Her)

It’s your 6th wedding anniversary and with it being the steel year, you’re trying to find the proper gift for her that will showcase precisely how long you want to remain by her side (forever).

Iron is the material and you just can’t think what you can get her…

Get her a hand-forged gorgeous interlinked 6th Year Anniversary Love Heart.

This is totally customizable, allowing you to put your names, the dates you were married, and more. Each of your names will be forged into each of the hearts using nothing more than a flame, anvil, and hammer.

The finished product will go perfectly anywhere in your home and act as a constant reminder of the fact that in your heart, forever means forever.

7th Year Wedding Anniversary - Copper (for Her)

Building upon the heart theme, you can go through the same guys to get a 7th Anniversary Copper Love Heart that will allow you to commemorate your 7 years of happiness in the form of a copper heart.

These are hand-forged in England and the copper hearts are produced using the same level of expertise as their iron hearts.

Your wife will love the way this heart will show off the fact that your lives have been intertwined for the best 7 years of her life!

The copper heart is personalized, allowing you to put both you and your wife’s names as well as the date your wedding happened.

This will act as a beautiful constant reminder of your first 7 years of forever!

8th Year Wedding Anniversary - Bronze (for Her)

After 8 years of love and happiness, it only makes sense for you to finally purchase another piece of jewelry for your wife!

Introducing this tear-worthy Bronze Anniversary Bracelet!

The bracelet is forged totally out of bronze and has the infinity sign on it, symbolizing not only the strength of your relationship but the fact that forever means forever.

This bracelet is ¼” wide and hand stamped with the symbol, making it a unique piece that she’ll be excited to show off to her friends and family.

She’ll love the way this dangles on her wrist and it’s wearable with any outfit so you’ll definitely get some brownie points!

9th Year Wedding Anniversary - Pottery (for Her)

With your wife having a beautiful ring comes the need for something to hold that ring when she goes to sleep.

Sleeping with a ring on leaves her vulnerable to losing a diamond!

This being said, she’ll appreciate a ceramic ring holder for your 9th year wedding anniversary and the personalized holders that Claylicious makes are simply gorgeous!

She’ll love having a pretty little handmade ring dish sitting on her night table to greet her at night when she goes to sleep and in the morning when she wakes up. It will act as the constant reminder that you’ve opted to spend the rest of your life with her.

This is fantastic because it’s pottery as well as something that she will use every day!

10th Year Wedding Anniversary - Aluminum (for Her)

Aluminum wedding anniversary gifts for her might seem hard to come by but there are a lot of great options out there.

One of our favorites is this Tree Art Print made by RameWorks.

This is a unique 10-year anniversary gift that your wife will adore. The tree image acts as the perfect symbolization of a marriage that has taken root so perfectly.

These are 8 x 10 Aluminum prints that can be customized with anything you’d like them to say.

We’re sure there is plenty you want to say to your wife after a decade of marriage so it’s nice that they offer this customization.

They are printed on some very durable .040” thick aluminum plate that has rounded corners to ensure you never poke yourself. What’s great about them is that they’re rustproof and can be framed.

With this aluminum gift allowing the customization you need to proclaim your love, it’s easy to see that it’s one of the best options around when it comes to choosing from a list of potential wedding anniversary gifts for her.

11th Year Wedding Anniversary - Steel (for Her)

So the gift of steel might seem like it’s going to take a while to find as most women don’t typically prefer steel in particular but there are some seriously cool crafty gifts that will make her feel special.

These Steel Roses are forged out of wrought iron.

They’re absolutely gorgeous and any woman is bound to love it.

These roses also display some copper or bronze covering the petals as well, making it so they are beyond beautiful. She’ll love the rose and you’ll love that she loves her gift. What’s truly great about this gift is the symbolism.

The rose symbolizes the delicate love that you share while the steel acts to symbolize the fact that your marriage possesses strength.

All of the roses they make are totally handcrafted as well so no two are the same!

12th Year Wedding Anniversary - Home Decor (for Her)

The wife of the house is typically the one to choose the home decor so this is a gift that you’ll likely want to tread lightly with!

This being said, reach out to Bespokeeffects!

They offer a 12th-anniversary gift for her that she won’t soon forget. It’s a personalized premium linen print that is customizable, allowing you to celebrate your 12 years of happiness with home decor that will commemorate the date of your wedding!

She’ll surely have no trouble finding a place to put this and it will definitely brighten any room she decides to put it in!

13th Year Wedding Anniversary - Lace (for Her)

For the 13th wedding anniversary, she’s likely expecting something lacey and cute.

Want to really shock her with something cool?

Surprise her with a custom lace wedding anniversary gift for her that she’ll never forget!

Two words:

Bespoke Tiles

These are handmade unique keepsakes that your wife can look at daily as it hangs on the wall.

That being said, they’re made out of vintage fabric, lace, and paper and they’re beyond adorable.

Your last name with the titles “Mr.” and Mrs.” in front of it are followed by the date you were married, acting as the perfect remembrance of your 13 brilliant years together.

14th Year Wedding Anniversary - Ivory (for Her)

Although ivory is usually the traditional anniversary present for the 14th year, it’s definitely a better decision to go with something that is elephant themed or white.

With this being known, you can find elephant planters for succulents that are incredibly adorable!

These ones come in either mint green, red, white (semi-matte), and charcoal black, but we suggest going with the white (semi-matte) to somewhat adhere to the ivory theme of the gift.

They are handmade and perfect for either the home or office!

Succulents are also rather hardy, making it so they thrive even if you don’t water them as often as you should.

When you give this to her, you can also tell her that part of the reason is that elephants never forget, just as you’ll never forget how much she means to you!

15th Year  Wedding Anniversary - Crystal (for Her)

Nothing says “I’m so happy I planted my roots with you” like these Crystal Wire Trees!

These trees are beyond stunning and with them being handmade, they’re totally unique.

What’s rather impressive about it is that it uses more than 100 crystal quartz gemstone chips to create it!

The silver wire used for the tree itself comes out of a natural wooden base that is lacquered to enhance the natural color.

Standing around 20 cm tall, or 7.8 inches, with the base, this tree will stand tall and proud in your home as a reminder of the constant state of love the two of you are in after a decade and a half of marriage!

20th Year Wedding Anniversary - China (for Her)

China is one of the most delicate materials around and with this being known, you’ll want to find an anniversary gift for her that will really show her the intricacies that come with 2 decades of love and passion.

Rubberduckz offers Mr. Right & Mrs. Always Right 20th China Wedding Anniversary Mugs that will have your wife laughing her butt off when she opens the gift.

These are perfect for early morning coffees as well as resolving any light arguments that you’ll find yourself admitting being wrong!

With this in mind, they hold up to 11 ounces of liquid, hot or cold, making them ideal for anyone looking for a comical way to remember their 20 years of happiness with the woman they love.

25th Year Wedding Anniversary - Silver (for Her)

Silver jewelry is a little played out at times so it’s important to find something unique that’s going to leave your wife smiling from ear to ear!

This 25th Silver Wedding Anniversary 4 Piece Set in Fenton China that includes a dish, a pitcher, and salt and pepper shakers.

These are made by Fenton - Japan and are composed of white china that has a silver trim design. The bows and bells that are designed on it are ornate and really bring the whole set together.

These salt and pepper shakers also say, “ 25 Silver Anniversary” on them while the pitcher says “25th.” This set is gorgeous and would look fantastic on display in anyone’s home!

30th Year Wedding Anniversary - Pearl (for Her)

Your love goes beyond the deepest depths of the ocean and with this being known, you likely want to get your wife something to commemorate how much she means to you after 3 decades of happiness.

This pearl necklace specifically is beyond perfect for this special occasion.

These are handmade using the finest silk available and done in the Victorian style!

You’ll also have the opportunity to personalize the necklace.

They come in either 14, 16, 18, 20, 24, or 32 inches, but you can also contact them about custom sizing.

Your wife will love how this complements her neck and it serves as a fantastic 30th anniversary gift for her!

35th Year Wedding Anniversary - Coral (for Her)

After 35 years of marriage, you know you want to get your wife a traditional wedding anniversary gift that is going to make her happy.

Fortunately for you, these gorgeous 5mm Salmon Coral Studs exist!

With your love being stronger than the pressure at the deepest depths of the ocean, coral earrings such as these will show her just how much you care.

These are handmade earrings that go with almost anything as they’re a pink salmon color gemstone with sterling silver ear studs, ensuring your wife will constantly be able to wear them.

They’ll surely act as a beautiful reminder of your love and how it has withstood the test of over 3 decades of life!

40th Year Wedding Anniversary - Ruby (for Her)

Jewelry can become a little played out by the time you’ve reached your 4th decade of marriage.

With that being said, this stunning Ruby Bonsai Gem Tree that you’ll have to see to believe!

These are handmade, 7 inches tall, and 8 inches wide. They’re primarily crafted out of gold wire and ruby gemstones.

According to the company, the ruby is powerful and brings strength, love, and harmony. It also has the potential to sharpen one’s mind, allowing for a peak in awareness as well as fantastic concentration.

There is no glue used in the creation of these trees and every one of the gemstones used is wire wrapped.

The tree sits atop a spectacular Purpurite rock base as well, giving it a gorgeous aesthetic that will complement any home.

Your wife will love how this commemorates your 40 years of love and happiness as a decorative showpiece!

45th Year Wedding Anniversary - Sapphire (for Her)

One of the cutest things someone can do for their wife is purchase something that will match with them.

With this in mind, you can get this Genuine Sapphire Matching His & Her Bracelet and she’ll simply adore them!

These are totally handmade and bring that popular minimalistic style into play. While they’re not something that you can personalize, they are adjustable, making them perfect for any size wrist.

They say that these couple bracelets are capable of sustaining life force and attracting both joy and peace.

The bracelets will assist in opening your minds to beauty along with intuition as well.

These are packaged in a gift box as well so they’re ready to give upon being delivered!

50th Year Wedding Anniversary - Gold (for Her)

Your wife is royalty and should be treated as such. Right?

You bet she is!

With this being the case, treat her to something fit for a queen to celebrate your 5 decades of happiness with your lives intertwined. This totally unique and awesome Edible 24 Carat Gold In A Matchbox is something any woman would love!

This product comes with a sheet of pure edible 24-carat gold that is simply divine!

If you’re looking to add a bit of glitz and glamor to her dinner or perhaps even some champagne to celebrate this anniversary the right way, this is what you need.

Within this box, you’ll also get four miniature bottles full of Hawaiian sea salt, gold sugar sprinkles, edible marigold petals, gold lemon sugar, and recipe ideas that you can use to add some ritziness to some of her favorite foods.

If you’d prefer to simply wrap it and give it to her, they’re wrap it up for you before delivering it as well!

55th Year Wedding Anniversary - Emerald (for Her)

If you want to get her something that’s sure to put a smile on her face, we have you covered (your table, that is)!

These Personalized 55th Emerald Wedding Anniversary Gift Sets are beyond amazing.

Within the Wedding Anniversary Luxury Gift Pack comes a landscape photo frame, pair of wine glasses that are signed by the artist with an 8” stand and card of authenticity, a signature plate that is 25cm with a spectacular baking pen as well as full instructions for messages on the plate, and two plate stands (1 for your wall and 1 free standing!).

They also offer two other gift sets, the 55th Wedding Anniversary Gift Set and the 55th Wedding Anniversary Wine Glass & Coaster Set, that might strike your fancy!

60th Year Wedding Anniversary - Diamond (for Her)

With 6 decades of marriage under your belt, you already know she deserves the biggest brightest diamond you can find.

That being said, why not surprise her with something a little unconventional.

This diamond scarf is stunningly beautiful.

The diamond pattern simply screams luxurious and she’s sure to appreciate the fact that you went out of your way to buy her something so pretty. She’ll love her new scarf and this fashionable accessory is likely to complement any outfit she’s wearing.

These handmade scarves are 9 inches wide and 63 inches long, making them perfect for everyday use as well.

But let’s not forget, it’s the woman that makes the scarf and not the other way around!

70th Year Wedding Anniversary - Platinum (for Her)

Every woman loves flowers and if the flower will last forever like your love, that’s even better.

No, we’re not talking about the fake fabric or plastic roses.

You can get a Real Rose Dipped in Platinum and it comes in a variety of awesome colors including Pearl White, Light Green, 2 Tone Bright Red, 2-Tone Yellow, Real Rose, Dark Green, Orange, 2-Tone Light Blue, and 2-Tone Dark Blue.

They’re totally handmade and made out of real roses!

These are 12” roses that are preserved in lacquer with a Platinum-plated.

All of the flowers they use are picked fresh when they’re at their most beautiful stage. Then, they’re formed and crafted by hand, allowing the thorns, extra leaves and petals, etc. to be removed.

The flower is then electroplated using a secret technique, resulting in you still being capable of seeing the veins found within the leaves and petals!

These flowers take 3 to 6 months to make as well as over 50 steps to complete, making it so they’re not only unique but time-intensive pieces of art. They come in a beautiful red box, providing the best way for your wife to receive such a gorgeous gift.

75th Year Wedding Anniversary - Diamond (Again)

Making a marriage last 75 years is beyond impressive.

With that being said, we all know it’s going to last for an eternity. So why not get her a gift that symbolizes the eternal love you plan to share?

This stunning Eternity Band acts as a promise that states until the end of time, you will continuously love and support her.

These come with a couple of different options.

Of course, you can choose the ring size, ranging from 3 US to 9 US. Also, you’ll choose from the ring being made out of 18KT white or rose gold.

They’re crafted by an Italian artisan manufacturer so you know that these are of the utmost quality.

She’ll love this ring as it marks the eternal love you’ll share after 75 years of marriage to one another!