Top 10 Best Leather Messenger Bags [2020] [Must-Have]

JooJoobs Leather Messenger Bag

A messenger bag is probably one of the most useful accessories you can have.

It looks good, it lets you carry plenty of stuff, and it generally gives off a more “adult” feel than a traditional backpack.

Unlike backpacks, though, messenger bags aren’t quite as cheap or readily available in all situations.

So if you’re in need of a new messenger bag, what should you do to avoid falling prey to a shoddy product?

Read our list, of course.

best leather messenger bags of 2020

We’re taking a look at the top ten best leather messenger bags you can get right now, outlining their best qualities to help you figure out which could be the best fit for your needs.

We can’t spend all day just talking it about this, so let’s just get things started at the first bag we have for you today.

1. FRYE Logan Messenger Bag

Having existed since 1863, you can imagine the kind of quality standard FRYE’s products are held to by both themselves and their customers.

We’re happy to inform you that their Logan messenger bag actually managed to exceed those expectations by a fair margin.

It is one of the trendiest and most reliable messenger bags you can find on the web.

Frye Cognac Rugged leather Logan Messenger Bags
Frye Cognac Rugged leather Logan Messenger Bags2

The Logan measures in at 15 inches wide and 13 and 1/4 inches tall, giving you plenty of room for your things without being so overly large as to look goofy.

The 21 and 1/4 inch strap drop makes it easy to carry even when filled to capacity, as well.

This is all augmented by the style of the piece which is constructed of rich pull-up leather in either cognac, dark brown, or slate colors, making this both a durable bag and a treat to look at.

In terms of its actual capacity, though, you won’t find any complaints about that.

In addition to the good amount of depth of this bag, it also has a secret zip pocket inside it to safely carry smaller objects.

Not only that, the inside of the bag’s flap features a slip pocket for easy access to certain items even when it’s magnetically closed.

2. Buffalo Jackson Roosevelt Leather Satchel

If you’re in the market for a rugged, attractive, and overall great messenger bag, then the Buffalo Jackson Roosevelt satchel made from genuine buffalo leather is the way to go.

It's combination of authentic water buffalo hide and excellent craftsmanship results in an accessory anyone would be proud to wear, fit to serve in virtually any situation imaginable.

Buffalo Jackson Roosevelt Buffalo Leather Satchel
Buffalo Jackson Roosevelt Buffalo Leather Satchel
Buffalo Jackson Roosevelt Buffalo Leather Satchel

Sitting at 17 inches wide and 13 inches tall, this bag can easily hold just about anything you might need on a typical day.

Built with convenience in mind, the interior of the bag is divided into both the large open pocket and a laptop sleeve fit for most 15 inch or smaller computers.

There are also several zipper pockets and smaller organizer pockets for things like business cards, pens, and the like, not to mention the zipper across the top to safely close everything up inside.

This bag also features a durable 2-inch wide canvas strap, helping to cut down on strain even when you’re filled to capacity.

There’s also a “secret” exterior zipper pocket on the back, perfect for sliding in documents or small things you might need on the fly.

3. Coronado Leather Bison Redwood Messenger Bag

This messenger bag from Coronado Leather is a thing of beauty, and not just because it looks good.

Merging authentic American bison leather with waxed canvas and Horween Latigo leather and accented with real antique brass, the end result is an incredibly durable and waterproof bag perfect for carrying things ranging from school books, laptops, important work papers, or just any random assortment of stuff you might like.

Coronado Leather Bison Redwood Messenger Bag
Coronado Leather Bison Redwood Messenger Bag

The brass buckles on this bag aren’t just for show, giving both a super secure and extra classy way of keeping your valuables in place – and at 14 and a half by 11 inches, you can fit plenty of them inside.

The interior of the bag is divided into the main pocket (which can be closed with a snap button) and a secondary pocket in front of that (closed by a zipper), both of which have plenty of room for anything you might need them for.

Beyond that, there are several slip pockets for items like notebooks and cards, plus a suede-lined pocket on the back of the bag specifically for quick access to your phone.

This all amounts to plenty of ways to carry your valuables, but in more ways than one considering you have the option of using either the adjustable strap or the leather carrying handle while taking this bag out for a spin.

4. Korchmar Fitzgerald Messenger Bag

While flashy and exotic materials are great, sometimes you want a little simplicity in your messenger bag.

If that’s how you’re feeling right now, the Korchmar Fitzgerald messenger bag is right up your alley, doing away with any fancy bells and whistles and providing nothing besides a sturdy bag made from exceptional quality materials.

Korchmar Fitzgerald Messenger Bag
Korchmar Fitzgerald Messenger Bag

At 17 by 12 inches, this bag is more than big enough for everyday needs, holding up to a 15-inch laptop with ease in its specially designed slip pocket.

This is far from the only pocket inside this bag, though, as there are multiple dividers, slip pockets, and zipper pockets featured in the Fitzgerald bag for helping you organize all your things in a snug and secure fashion.

There’s also the matter of closing the bag, a feat accomplished through the sophisticated Magnetite magnet that allows for easy one-handed opening and closing.

Additionally, while the main draw of this bag might be the simplicity in its full grain leather exterior, it does have a bit of flair inside with the brand’s signature dyed twill lining.

5. COACH Metropolitan Courier Bag

COACH is basically a synonym for quality, and their take on the messenger bag is no exception to that.

The Metropolitan courier bag they sell is a robust yet sophisticated choice for someone looking to stay stylish while having plenty of room to spare.

Made from rich pebbled leather in three different colors, this bag is a bit on the small side at only 14 and 1/2 inches by 10 and 3/4 inches.

Even so, it’s still plenty roomy and can handle all but the most extensive blogger's daily carrying needs.

This is due to the many dividers, slip pockets, and zipper pockets arranged on the bag that helps to maximize the overall utility and organizational capacity of the bag.

In terms of quality of life features, there’s also the soft inner lining to help cradle and protect the valuables you store inside the extra long 53 and 1/4 inch adjustable nylon strap, and the magnetic closure that all serve to make this courier bag easy to use on the daily.

6. Buccio Palermo Italian Leather Messenger Bag

Buccio Palermo’s messenger bag made from real Italian calfskin leather knocks it out of the park on visuals alone.

Even if you didn’t take the supple, luxurious material or expert stitch work into account, though, you’d still have yourself an exceptionally crafted messenger bag.

COACH Metropolitan Courier Bag
COACH Metropolitan Courier Bag
COACH Metropolitan Courier Bag

There’s no need to worry about capacity with this bag, as it measures up at 17 and a half inches wide by 12 and a half inches tall, giving you plenty of room no matter what you carry.

It’s also great for staying organized, dividing up the interior space between two main compartments as well as two smaller slip pockets in the back, not to mention the two snap pouches in the front and the zipper pocket on the inside of the flap.

Additionally, you have the option of carrying the Buccio Palermo bag either with the strap or by the reinforced leather handle at the top, letting you change it up depending on your needs for the day.

There are also monogramming services you can take advantage of if desired, allowing you to have a name etched into the bag, especially desirable if it’s a gift for someone else.

7. Overland Malachi Distressed Argentine Leather Messenger Bag

Malachi’s take on the messenger bag sees them using genuine distressed cowhide leather from Argentina, the supple and intriguing natural coloration and grain already making it worth a look for the sake of taking in the beauty.

This is in addition to the huge amount of use you’ll be able to get out of it thanks to its good sizing and clever pocket placement.

Overland Malachi Distressed Argentine Leather Messenger Bag
Overland Malachi Distressed Argentine Leather Messenger Bag
Overland Malachi Distressed Argentine Leather Messenger Bag

At 14 and 1/2 inches by 11 inches, this bad is a bit small.

Even so, it can more than hang with its larger brethren thanks to its two large interior pockets secured with Velcro straps to keep laptops or other equipment safely in place at all times. It also features two pen sleeves and a slip pocket for your cellphone.

Beyond that, though, there’s also the hidden slip pocket on the inside of the magnetically-closed flap as well as the zipper pocket on the back, plus the adjustable strap that can range from 9 to 22 inches in length.

Outside of functionality, there’s also the gorgeous leather as mentioned before, available in two-tone colors of brown combined with either black or olive.

8. Slate Collection Redmond Satchel

Slate Collection’s Redmond satchel is a thing of beauty, combining sleek simplicity with great utility.

Waterproof and crafted from supple American leather in your choice of cognac, indigo, and midnight colors, you’d be a fool to not at least give this bag the chance to win you over.

Slate Collection Redmond Satchel
Slate Collection Redmond Satchel

At 16 inches by 12 inches, there’s room to spare in this messenger bag.

The space available inside the bag is used well, divided up into two main sections and further subdivided with zip and slip pockets for smaller items.

 All of this is safely held in place thanks to the natural suede interior, almost tempting you to keep the bag itself empty as you appreciate how soft and plush it feels against your hand.

Securing the flap for this bag is a strong silver-colored clasp, helping to increase the class of your overall look at no extra effort.

There’s also the adjustable bag strap for over the shoulder and across the torso carry, but also the leather handle at the top to give you even more options on how to transport your things.

9. Pratt Leather Maurice Messenger Bag

Pratt Leather’s Maurice messenger bag is a beautiful piece thanks in large part to its vintage leather construction.

Available in both the vintage mocha and dark espresso colors, the material of these bags are both supple and sturdy while featuring an eye-catching patina from the moment you receive them.

Pratt Leather Maurice Messenger Bag2
Pratt Leather Maurice Messenger Bag2

Like many laptops of its size range (14 by 12 inches), the Maurice features a laptop pocket inside its inner compartment, though this one steps up its game with a security strap for extra protection.

It also includes a zippered pocket and slip pocket inside, all secured tightly with a zipper that can be used to close off the inside.

Additionally, underneath the magnetic snap flap are two convenient front pockets, giving you easy access to your most important small objects.

On the opposite side, there’s also a full-length zipper pocket.

10. KNOMO London Brompton Kobe RFID Leather Messenger Bag

Adding an extra layer of technology to the mix is KNOMO London’s Brompton Kobe RFID-blocking leather messenger bag.

A great resource for travellers or just those in need of a good bag overall, it’s a well-designed accessory that you can feel secure using.

KNOMO London Brompton Kobe RFID Leather Messenger Bag2

The hearty imported leather construction on this bag helps to make it resistant to damage as well as water, ensuring you don’t have to fear to keep anything expensive inside even in the worst weather.

At 16 by 11 and 3/4 inches, you should have no trouble fitting your favorite gadgets and important papers inside especially when you account for the zip pockets, slip pockets, and pen holders that are also included inside.

Most special of all is the aforementioned RFID-blocking properties of this bag, shielding the slip pockets in the interior from scanning technology.

This lets you travel with confidence knowing there won’t be any illicit or accidental uses of your credit card through your bag.

To help sweeten the deal, there’s also an external slip pocket as well as an internal key clip for more convenience.

In Conclusion

With a leather messenger bag, you’ll never find yourself short on space or style ever again.

If you’re in the market for one of these great accessories, check out any of the items featured on this top ten list.

Anyone of them would make a great addition to your collection.

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