Red Leather Belt with Ninja Hidden Pocket

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This red leather belt redefines the words rustic and rugged.

Handcrafted by JooJoobs, with the full intention in making you, a belt built to last.

Check out this Awesome Rugged Leather Belt I found at JooJoobs! #handmade #rugged #rustic

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Product Features

  • Double stitch style
  • Suede inner lining
  • Premium Full Grain Distressed Leather
  • Signature HIDDEN pocket*
  • Reinforced zinc-plated hardware
  • Replaceable/detachable buckle
  • Our signature hand stitching
  • Free personalization**
  • Width 1.5″ (3.8 cm)
  • All products are handmade, made to order.
  • Mens Red Leather Belt

    *Please note that the hidden pocket is sewn into the inner lining and designed to fit only one small item. i.e. a dollar bill folded four times.
    **The set location for the belt personalization is on the belt loop near the buckle; this restrains belt personalization to four characters max.

    Variations on this model: Brown Leather BeltBlack Leather Belt

    High quality and solidly made, the full grain distressed leather used in JooJoobs belts, only gets better as it ages.

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