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You searched for Mens Bifold Wallets and your search brought you here. Welcome to JooJoobs, we're glad to have you here visiting. JooJoobs has lots of traditional men's leather wallet designs and probably a few designs you've never seen before.

Our Leather

Before we look at the wallets, let us explain the amazing properties and features of the leather we use. 

All of the wallets on this page use our premium distressed leather except for the Minimalist Bifold wallet. This one exception uses vegetable tanned leather. Both are full-grain premium leathers, just each has a different tanning process.

Distressed leather is an oiled leather. The top seal (skin) of the leather hide has been left untreated. This is as intended.

Because of this tanning technique, customers are able to bend and scratch the leather, creating distressed marks. These distressed marks look worse than they actually are. It's actually just the hair follicles of the hide being separated, oils being pushed and displaced temporarily.

Then, just by rubbing the leather with your hands or shammy with some oil, the scratches are magically repaired. It's more of an optical illusion than true magic. Here is a video that explains it further.

Card Pockets

The number one question I get every day is in regards to the card pockets.

The questions I received are usually something similar to this, "I only count four card pockets, does this wallet only hold 4 cards?"

Each card pocket can hold 2 - 3 cards (even 4 if you stretch the leather).

Leather stretches. This is a good and bad feature, so listen up. Once you stretch leather, it never goes back. When we send you a new wallet, we design them to be tight. We leave it up to you to decide how many cards each card is going to hold. Everybody is different with different needs.

If you decide that a card pocket is going to hold 3 cards, then that card pocket will need to always hold 3 cards. You can't stretch a card pocket to hold 3 cards for the 1st 6 months, then decide to have it only hold 1 card later on down the road.

Once you stretch leather it never goes back.

Traditional Mens Bifold Wallet

Our first two bi-fold wallet designs are commonly referred to as listing #002 and listing#002R. (The R stands for round corners)

These wallets are designed to fit and carry American, Canadian and Australian currencies.

Traditional Mens Bifold Wallet
Mens Bifold Wallet with ROUNDED corners

American Flag Bifold Wallet

One day a customer requested us to brand the USA flag onto the wallet. We did, and the rest is history. This listing has quickly become one of our best sellers and we fully understand why.

It looks awesome!

These wallets are designed to fit and carry American, Canadian and Australian currencies.

Mens Bifold Wallets
american flag bifold wallet

Big Texas Wallet

Why did we call it the Big Texas? Well, similar to the American Flag wallet request above, one day, one of our customers asked us to make his wallet bigger than all the rest. So that is what we did.

Big Texas Leather Bifold Wallet

Minimalist Bifold

So this is the one wallet on the page that doesn't use our distressed leather. Instead, it made using vegetable tanned leather.


We wanted to make an extreme wallet design. The number factor in creating a thin wallet is the thickness of the leather. Real leather is much thicker than PU leather, this is why 99% of the factory wallets listed for sale on Amazon are made from fake, PU Leather.

When you see a wallet that has 12 pockets aside, it guaranteed to be plastic, or 'Genuine Leather'. (aka. garbage leather)

OK, back to our extreme wallet design. To make a super thin wallet, we needed to use super thin leather.

Our tannery was able to shave this leather down to an incredible .5 mm in thickness. Do you want to know the best part?

Even at an incredible .5 mm in thickness, it's still super strong and will never tear. (hahaha I cheated a bit, leather never tears) If you have a wallet that's tearing or peeling, it's not real leather.

Minimalist Bifold Wallet

Money Clip Bifold Wallet

I love this wallet! We created a few designs and they sold well but I was never satisfied. Something was missing.

Then I realized we were trying too hard to create something unique and in the end, the final result just wasn't functional.

Then we crafted this wallet. It's simple, ultra effective, functional and sells like hotcakes.

Money Clip Bifold Wallet

Bifold Wallet with Coin Pocket

Coins! Love them or hate them, they're still needed and for those that like to carry them in wallets, this is the design for you. There is one feature I need to point out for this design.

There is a 'hidden' pocket behind the coin pocket. The 3rd pocket can be used as your card overflow, storing the cards you don't use to often and the 2 main card pockets on the right can hold 2 - 6 of your everyday cards.

bifold wallet with coin pocket

Euro Wallet

The Euro Wallet (listing #027) is designed for European currency. (the Euro)

It's larger than the Traditional Mens Bifold wallet but smaller than the Big Texas. It also fits UK and HK currencies.

Canadian and Australian currencies will fit in the Traditional Mens Bifold wallet.

Euro Wallet

Slim Mens Bifold Wallet

This design is the same as the Minimalist Bifold wallet above. The only difference between the two is the leather used to make them. This version uses our original distressed leather, while the former uses vegetable tanned leather.

The sample picture shows a circular monogram. Our monogram options can be found on the Monogram Maker page. If you looking for this circular monogram, it's the 4th option.

Slim Mens Wallet

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