Top 10 Men’s Wallet Brands

mens wallets brands top 10

A wallet is one of the four essentials everyone needs when they leave the house, right next to your keys, phone, and an emergency stick of butter.

Unless you’ve decided to keep all your money, credit cards, and other important items hidden in your sock, it should be obvious that you need one for yourself.

While any old pocket will do the job, what’s the point of having a wallet if you can’t be proud of it?

Even more than just aesthetics, a good wallet has superior functionality over the many wannabes available for cheap, not to mention all the extra accessories and things they might come with.

But how do you go about finding one of those good wallets, you may ask.

There’s a few methods you could try, but we’ll be focusing on shopping by brand for today.

Reputable brands of wallet and/or leather producers are a good place to start as their notoriety and superior craftsmanship can help you be sure that what you’re buying is worth the money.

While they might cost a bit more than some dubious thing you found for cheap, only one of the two is going to survive for more than a year (and it’s sure not going to be the cheap one).

Whether it’s a gift for yourself or someone else around the holidays, here’s a list of the top ten men’s wallet brands you can find online with a quick overview of some of their greatest products and what makes them so special.

Let’s get started with number one.

1. JooJoobs

If you’re on the lookout for high quality, handmade leather goods, then JooJoobs is the place to go. 

They have a wide selection of leather wallets for all occasions in rugged, beautiful, and impeccably crafted leather in an abundance of looks and designs.

Money Clip

Beyond just the standard wallet, though, they have several specialty items as well as a section for gift ideas.

Chain wallets, card wallets, travel wallets, and even wallets that double as cell phone cases are all available from the store, none of which compromise quality for the sake of novelty.

JooJoobs also has several non-wallet leather goods in stock, too, like belts and travel journals for when you like the leather they make and need more of it.

One of the biggest draws for JooJoobs is their unique styles, though.

While they still have variations in texture and color, they also feature wallets with details like engraving, monogramming, and etched pictures of things like the American flag

American Flag wallet by JooJoobs

With both their own storefront and Etsy listings, you’ll be able to easily order from them however you like.

2. Popov Leather

Using genuine imported Horween leather, Popov Leather is one of the best wallet makers in all of Canada. 

Popov Leather

The high quality supplies used in manufacturing each of their products lets you know that you’ve got something special just from the sight of that natural grain, the feeling only growing stronger when you get the chance to touch that rich, supple leather.

Even more than just wallets, though, Popov Leather has a variety of other leather goods, including belts, passport cases, journal covers, pen cases, and plenty more.

They’re so sure you’ll love whatever you decide to buy from them that they offer a lifetime guarantee on all their products that allows you to send in a defective product to be repaired or replaced for no charge

(restrictions apply for things that are lost, stolen, or ruined by your own negligence rather than natural wear and tear).

They also offer free shipping and engraving services on every product you buy, making them a fantastic option for a personalized gift.

3. The Mr. Lentz Shop

The Mr. Lentz Shop has a 100 year guarantee on everything they make, so that should tell you right from the start that you can expect a quality wallet.

Mr. Lentz

Their wide selection of handmade full grain leather wallets for men is hard to beat, with options like the traditional bifold, a coin wallet, slim wallets, and wallets with chains just to name a few.

This is just a small selection of their wares, though. Between their trifolds, card wallets, and even phone-holster wallets, you could spend all day browsing their store with each new item somehow looking better than the last.

That’s not all, though. In addition to wallets, The Mr. Lentz Shop also has a selection of other leather goods.

Mr. Lentz Dog Collar

Passport cases, keychains, dog collars, and even whole leather bags are available for purchase, letting you outfit yourself in good quality leather for the same affordable price and satisfaction guarantee.

4. C. Richard’s Leather

C. Richard’s Leather is a Maine-based leather company with a wide selection of fantastic wallets to choose from. Each item is handmade by the company and thoroughly inspected to ensure a consistent standard of quality across all their products.

C Richards Leather

A few of their wallets include the classic bifold, card wallets, money clips, and even checkbook covers.

Each item is made personally in a number of colors and styles (including the popular minimalist look), all offered with free monogramming services for that personal touch.

Beyond wallets, though, C. Richard’s Leather also produces portfolio covers and belts to the same standards as everything else in their shop.

You won’t find any unnecessary bells and whistles on these; just luxurious leather, pristine stitch work, and plenty of usability in your everyday life.

5. Bas & Lokes

While Bas & Lokes might focus more on watch straps, the exceptional quality of their wallets more than earns them a spot on this list. 

Their collection of handmade wallets varies greatly in style between the different colors, textures, and types available.

Bifolds, slim, sleeve holders, and more are all available.

Bas & Lokes

They also sell tins of leather conditioner and microfiber cleaning cloths, ensuring you can keep your wallet looking beautiful and holding your valuables for as long as you need it.

As mentioned before, while they sell many great wallets, Bas & Lokes’ main draw is their selection of premium leather watch straps.

These as well as their other items like leather keychains and steel belt buckles make for the perfect gift set for anyone in your life who can appreciate the look and feel of luxurious handmade leather goods and other attractively manly accessories.

6. Hide & Home

Hide & Home is a small leather shop based in Tonbridge. 

Despite being run by only two people, their selection of handcrafted leather goods is simply amazing.

For our purposes, though, we’ll focus in on their wallets, all of which have earned their standout place among their peers.

Their wallets come in all shapes and sizes, from bifolds to card wallets and beyond. One of the main draws for these wallets is their range of colors, though, both in how rich and vibrant they are as well as their range.

This is all without compromising the integrity or the natural beauty of the leather, as well, making it far from an exaggeration when one calls them a feast for the eyes.

As mentioned before, Hide & Home also features many non-wallet products on its storefront, all of them possessing the same level of quality covered before.

Special mention goes to their full sized bags, their notebook covers, leather archery products like arm braces and bow string keepers.

Hide & Home

Overall, the sheer variety of their wares deserves a look if nothing else.

7. Frank Clegg Leatherworks

Successfully operating since 1970, Frank Clegg Leatherworks makes a number of finely crafted, handmade leather goods. 

One of their most popular product lines is their wallets, with plenty of variety among them.

Frank Clegg Leatherworks’ wallets come in a number of shapes and sizes. Coin wallets, card wallets, and much more are available, all with unique colors and texturing to give them a look unlike any other.

Even the standard bifold mixes things up a bit with its huge amounts of space and extra pockets for your cards and valuables.

Outside of wallets, this company also makes a number of different kinds of bags. Backpacks, portfolios, briefcases, handbags, and more are all available.

There are also things like phone cases and belts to choose from, plus leather conditioners and repair supplies to help keep the things you buy looking good and working hard for a lifetime.

8. Buffalo Jackson Trading Co.

The Buffalo Jackson Trading Co. is a seller of many things, one of them being high quality leather wallets.

Both attractive and functional, they’re a great choice for any occasion with at least one option that can fill your needs perfectly.

Bifolds, money clips, trifolds, and even wristlet clutches are just a few of the options you have when buying a wallet from the Buffalo Jackson Trading Co.

Other options include a dual purpose notebook cover and travel wallet as well as a checkbook cover wallet, both heftier options for people on the good who have plenty of things to store.

Buffalo Jackson

As for their non-wallet goods, the Buffalo Jackson Trading Co. probably has the biggest selection of products on this list conveniently split up into different product lines for the sake of convenience.

In addition to other leather goods like dog collars, briefcases, and notebooks, they also sell a huge assortment of non-leather products.

These include things like canvas bags and even cologne, plus shirts, hats, and other clothing items.

9. Hand and Hide

Operating out of Portland, Hand and Hide specializes in all manner of leather products while keeping the spirit of travel and adventure in mind. 

All of their leather goods but especially their wallets are made to stand up to the rigors of everyday life and look good doing it.

Hand and Hide has a varied selection of wallets to choose from.

handandhide leather business card

Rather than style, these wallets are mostly separated by size, with small, medium, and long being the basic options.

There are also slim and micro designs that are even smaller than the small, plus a business card case and money clip wallet. They also have wallets that double as phone cases.

Hand and Hide also creates other leather accessories like laptop and tablet covers, handbags, and journal covers.

Their line of leather travel goods is particularly excellent, with things like earbud and charger wraps, luggage tags, and more making the process of safely getting from place to place more convenient and fashionable all at once.

10. Harber London

Harber London offers an assortment of premium full grain leather wallets with some of the most robust color selection you’ll find on this list or anywhere else. 

The range of styles overall is quite large, too, with several variations on a particular product you can pick.

Their take on the classic leather bifold gives buyers the option of adding a zip pouch for things like coins, helping to make the wallet even more useful.

Harber London also has many other items for sale. Some of these include things like passport holders, helping to keep your valuables organized while you travel.

They also offer other leather goods like camera straps, desk mats, and phone, tablet, and laptop covers, all of which are made to the same level of quality, beauty, and degree of choice as their wallets.

In Conclusion

A good leather wallet could potentially serve you a lifetime, so it’s important to buy quality with confidence when you’re in the market for a new one.

If this is the situation you or someone you know has found themselves in recently, browsing through the storefront of any of these ten great brands that make leather men’s wallets is a surefire way to find what you’re looking for.

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