Mens Trifold Wallets

You searched for Mens Trifold Wallets and luckily for us, you found our website. Welcome to JooJoobs, we're glad to have you here visiting. JooJoobs has two leather trifold wallet designs.

If you have your own design and are looking for someone to craft it for you, please consider letting us know. If we are able, we love to take on custom orders.

If you haven't already done so, please familiarize yourself with our leather. It has many unique and fantastic properties that you might not be aware of.

Personalized Leather Trifold Wallet with Quote

Personalized Trifold Wallets

We love personalizing our leather products.

Our customers really appreciate the extra effort we make to each item a unique one-of-a-kind original.

Below is our non-chain leather trifold wallet. The first image demonstrates monogram option #5. The 2nd image shows you our default 12 monograms options. You are solely limited to these choices.

Leather Trifold Wallet

We are very open to branding your own images, quotes, dates, name, etc. onto the wallets. You'll see images #3 & #4 below show a little inside inscription, "Love, Kenz."

The final two pictures show the most popular personalized, especially around Father's Day each year. Again, you don't have to get 'DAD' personalized onto your wallet purchased. These are just samples.

Trifold with Monogram
Monogram Options
Personalized Mens Trifold
Personalized Trifold Wallet
Leather Trifold Wallet
Mens Leather Trifold

Trifold Chain Wallets

We also sell the trifolds with chain attachments. The main difference between the two listings is the addition of the 24" chain and the closure flap.

These wallets are available to be personalized but we prefer to only personalize the insides of the wallets. (the closure strap makes branding the outside difficult)

Leather Trifold Chain Wallet

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