Cool Wallets for Men

JooJoobs makes handmade leather wallets. For starters, anything handmade is cool. Handmade items are unique, one of a kind originals. When you buy handmade, nobody on the whole planet will have the exact same item.

The next 'cool' factor is the leather we use. 

Distressed Leather!

You really can't any better leather to make handmade products with. We love it! We were hooked from Day 1.

Cool Wallet #1

Cool Wallet #1

The American Flag Bifold Wallet

This bifold wallet is made from premium distressed leather. It comes stitched with the choice of a lighter natural tan thread or a darker brown thread. You also have to option to personalize the inside, adding your name, initials, logo, etc.

You can also get it in dark distressed leather, see below.

We'll count this one as our Cool Wallet #2. Please note, this isn't a true black because of the distressing nature of the leather. If you have any questions in regards to distressed leather, please feel free to contact us or read this article.

The quick and dirty explanation, distressed leather doesn't have a top seal. So it absorbs oils from your hands and forms a patina really quick. So no matter the starting color, all products made from distressed leather will get darker and darker in color over time.

Cool Wallet #3

Cool Wallet #3

Do you know someone who plays Fantasy Football? (or other Fantasy sports)

Guys love playing Fantasy sports including myself. My team is the Bobby Bouchers. We didn't win in 2015, and I probably shouldn't have used my team name on the sample, I think I jinxed myself.

Anyways, back to Cool Wallet #3. If your husband or boyfriend plays Fantasy Sports and just won his league, you have to buy him this wallet. He'll absolutely love it! Every time he reaches into his pocket and pulls out his wallet, he can be reminded of dominant victory! And as a bonus, he'll be able to remind his rivals of it on a regular basis.