Top 20 Best Rustic Wedding Gifts

What’s the best part of marriage?

The love?

The friends and family all coming to wish the couple well?

The big party?

Definitely not. It’s all the free stuff people keep giving you.

While that might be a bit of an exaggeration, wedding gifts are generally a pretty important part of the ceremony.

On a symbolic level, it’s a token of appreciation from the guests to help make the couple’s life together better. On a physical level, though, it’s just really cool to get new things.

This becomes a lot less cool when you’re the one giving the gift, though.

Not because you don’t like to make your friends happy, but because of the constant struggle of trying to find the perfect gift.

Do you give them something cliché and oftentimes useless like a bread maker?

Do you risk looking like some kind of chump and just give money?

What about trying to be sentimental only to fall on your face bringing up some kind of baggage you overlooked?

There’s so many ways things could go wrong it’s hard to think.

Luckily, there’s no need to panic.

First, recognize that a lot of this fear is totally unfounded and that you’ll be able to find the perfect gift sooner or later. 

Second, realize that this list will help you do just that.

Rustic Wedding Gifts

Here are our favorite rustic wedding gifts that are sure to impress any happy couple on their wedding day.

1. Engraved Wood Signs

Engraved wood is made by scorching the surface of a piece of wood with a hot tool, both scratching through the wood while burning clean, dark lines into it.

This art form is highly underrated and can be used to make all manner of beautiful creations, but for our purposes, it can be used to make signs.

There’s the classic family name etched on cedar design, some custom artwork based on photographs, or even just a nice quote that has some meaning to the couple.

Whatever you decide, it’s sure to look good etched into wood. Plus, if you’ve got some time to practice and want to save a little cash, it’s entirely possible to do this all yourself for that extra personal touch.

laser engraved wedding sign

Laser Engraved Wedding Sign

American Flag Bifold Wallet

Bulletproof Gift Idea

There’s a stark difference between some run-of-the-mill money holders and true craftsmanship, and the latter is what you’ll be offering to the happy couple.

Handmade leather wallets are made with the kind of care and attention that you’d want to make up a marriage. 

In that way, it’s almost like a good luck charm, both for preserving love and for keeping their finances safe. 

Plus they always just look and feel really nice. 

Who’d say no to something like that?

3. Marble Edge Serving Board

Offering an alluring contrast between the rugged and the refined, a marble edge serving board is great for parties of all kinds.

Whatever you decide to place on it will immediately look more appealing simply by its proximity to something so intriguing.

This serving board is made from mango wood, giving it a beautiful grain and natural color.

This is only made more apparent with the addition of the marble edge, giving it both extra durability by preventing the edge from cracking and a contrast to appearance not normally seen in products like this.

Designed for easy storage and securing serving, there’s no reason not to break this out at the slightest provocation.

4. Cast Iron Cookware

There are few cooking surfaces more reliable than cast iron. Bacon and eggs, steak, burgers, cornbread, and anything in between are all at your mercy once you bust out the cast iron skillets.

This is an especially good gift for weddings, too, as the couple will likely want to start building up the essentials in their life as a unit.

What’s more essential than things to cook with? There’s also a lot of options for what you can actually buy made from cast iron, so if skillets aren’t in demand, you could try a camping oven, a Dutch oven, a griddle, or even a baking dish.

5. Hammocks

Hammocks are one of those things you don’t think you’ll ever use until you actually try one out.

Relaxing in a way that a bed just can’t match and situated outside to soak up the sun and enjoy the cool breeze, hammocks are great for one person or couples to enjoy in their downtime.

Take it with you on a camping trip or just set up in your own backyard. No matter where the happy couple decides to keep their hammock, you can be sure they’ll be thinking of thanking you for getting them such a fantastic gift.

There’s tons of different styles and materials to choose from, letting you find the one that’s as rugged or ritzy as your friends will want.

6. Whiskey

What’s better for celebrating a wedding than alcohol? But none of that cheap swill they serve over at the bar. We’re talking the classy, sophisticated, yet all around rugged taste of good whiskey.

Anyone who appreciates good spirits will be overjoyed to unwrap a premium bottle of whiskey at their wedding.

So happy, in fact, they might even try some right then and there. Unlike in other situations, though, this is one time when you hope giving someone a gift will lead them to drinking.

7. Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Reclaimed wood is wood that’s been taken and processed from one source (say, the deck of a ship) into something else.

This gives the wood a level of character and intrigued not found from typical sources. Much of the use for reclaimed wood is with furniture.

If you’re in the market for furniture while gift shopping, don’t settle for the typical. Reclaimed wood shelves, dressers, chairs, and even bed frames a treat for the eyes and go well with all sorts of styles and looks.

The happy couple surely need some furnishing for their home, so why not have it be something they actually like to look at?

8. Electrical Griddle

Griddles are a boon when cooking all sorts of meals, from breakfast to hamburgers to vegetables and more. So why not add some convenience on top of that and make it electric?

Electric griddles make it easy to cook just about anything you could want.

Depending on the griddle you buy, there’s even lots of extra features like grease receptacles and built-in warming trays.

9. Engraved Knives

Perfect for any outdoorsy couple, engraved or customized knives make a great all-purpose gift for camping and wilderness excursions.

Simple or extravagant, a pair of knives is a fun tool with plenty of uses, be it cutting twine, gutting a fish, or even self-defense.

Think of it as a lucky charm meant to ensure the health and safety of the couple, only do away with the metaphors since owning a knife can actually do that.

Engraved Army Knife

While not the right gift for everyone, there’s plenty of couples out there who would be over the moon to have their own set of personalized knives to take with them into the great outdoors.

10. Handmade Picture Frames

People like hanging pictures to commemorate special occasions. For most, that would probably include their wedding.

Why should they have to settle for a sub-par, standard, boring picture frame when they could have one handcrafted just for them?

Whether in metal, glass, or wood, a handmade picture frame tells the people you give it to that you want whatever’s inside it to last.

Since they’d likely put wedding photos inside, that just makes it all the more special.

11. Whiskey Barrels

What’s better than a bottle of whiskey?

The whole barrel, that’s what. If you’ve got friends of discerning taste with a love for fine liquor, then a whiskey barrel might just be the perfect wedding gift.

Made by the batch, you can have a whole barrel of whiskey shipped straight to you from many well-respected distilleries.

Many even offer services to personalize the barrels with a name or insignia, making the gift even more special to the couple. 

whisky by the barrel

They do say alcohol tastes better when you have friends to drink it with, too, so you might even get a taste for yourself.

12. Bottle Holder Sculpture

Bottle holders are probably one of the least interesting aspects of drinking wine.

And while the best part will still always be drinking the wine, custom made bottle holder sculptures take a close second place.

Reclaimed from discarded auto parts, this sculpture will keep your wine bottle secure while you wait to pour and provide a bit of fun and funny flare for your table.

Made to resemble the classic comedian Charlie Chaplin, you can be sure it’s not just the wine making you laugh.

13. Shovel Handle Serving Platter

Rustic Gag Gift Idea?

Everyone needs a good serving platter if they ever intend to have guests over, and since that’s most of us, why settle for anything but the best?

Give an even clearer picture of how your food has come straight from the farm to the plate with a shovel handle serving platter.

Carved from dark mango wood, this delightfully detailed bowl-shaped platter is attached to a replica of a shovel’s handle, giving you an easy means of carrying your food with one hand.

Use it for a party or just as a decorative centerpiece. Either way, it’s sure to be a hit whenever the lucky recipients decide to take it out for a spin.

14. Mountain View Knife Rack

Bring the scenic view of a mountain range into your own. Not literally as having a mountain in your house could cause some problems, but the Mountain View knife rack is the next best thing by far.

Made from maple wood and polished to a shine, this knife rack takes on the look of a mountain range. In the back is a super powerful magnet to hold anything metallic you want out of the way, from knives to keys to tools and much more.

It’s ready to mount straight out of the box, too, making assembly a breeze no matter how much of a DIY novice the recipient might be.

15. Live Edge Wood Cutting Board

A live edge wood fixture means it’s a piece of wood carved to accentuate its natural features.

Rather than sanding off the edge of a piece of lumber, the designer keeps the piece as is, giving it loads more character and an alluringly naturalistic shape.

This cutting board is made with this idea in mind, retaining the bamboo’s natural edge and showing off the dark and light tones of the wood.

Live Edge Carved Wood Cutting Board for Couples

Additionally, a small etched heart in the corner protects the name of the couple who will receive this piece as well as a special date, like the day they were married.

This way they’ll be reminded of their love even during mundane moments like cooking dinner.

16. Personalized Mason Jar Mugs

Mason jar mugs are a staple of non-traditional drink containers. While they’re nice enough on their own, why not personalize them?

These 16 ounce mason jars are dishwasher safe and perfect for any of your favorite drinks, both alcoholic or otherwise.

Each set of four can be customized with a bold letter, meaning a single set could use the couple’s surname or two sets could represent each person.

17. Handmade Wine Box

Wine feels a lot more special when it comes in its own box, but it can be even more special than that if the box itself has some serious thought put into it.

That’s what we have here, with a personalized handmade wine box; wedding gift perfection!

personalized wine box

Personalized Wine Box!!

Made from artfully distressed wood, the box can be customized with whatever message you think would work best, be it a note from you to the couple or just a nice message affirming their love.

Additionally, there are two clasps that hold the lid closed which can be locked with appropriately sized padlocks.

And you’ll obviously include the wine inside. Not doing that would be like giving someone a toy with no batteries.

18. Tree Bark Coasters

No one has ever enthusiastically used a coaster. At least, not until now.

This four pack of personalized tree bark coasters are a cut above the dinky cork disks you’re used to, providing a hand crafted touch usually only reserved for things like cutting boards and specialty furniture.

Though a bit humble, these coasters are still quite enchanting. Their rugged bark exterior and finely polished surface make the natural wood rings show through.

tree bark coasters

The personalized message imprinted on all four adds that extra touch of sentimentality, too.

Plus, with how many drinks the couple is sure to get, either as gifts or just throughout the ceremony, wouldn’t it be nice for someone to think about giving them something to sit them on?

19. Handmade Cake Knife Set

It’s not often a gift has reason to be brought out in the middle of a wedding, but here you come to save the day with this handmade cake knife set when the original articles seemingly “vanish” right before the big moment.

Made from beautiful birch wood, this set includes a cake knife and server. Each utensil is engraved with a personalized message at your discretion.

Even after their debut at the cake cutting, though, these gorgeously crafted servers will surely find a home in the couple’s drawer becoming their tools of choice for serving up all sorts of baked good.

20. Bamboo Skewer Knife Holder

No wedding is complete without the customary gifting of a knife set. Far less common (and quite tragic) is a complete lack of a knife holder to put the blades inside.

That won’t be an issue, though, since you’re here to save the day with this bamboo skewer knife holder.

Featuring a unique bamboo skewer design, the knives are held in place by the prongs, keeping them upright and safe while providing way more space than would normally be available.

This design also allows it to adapt to knife sets of all sizes, too. Made from either burnt pine or reclaimed wood, each holder can be personalized with a single initial or a surname, making it the perfect functional accessory for any kitchen.


Weddings are a special occasion to celebrate love. Not just the love between the couple being married but the love others have for these two people.

Let them know just how much they mean to you with one of these great rustic gifts.

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