Handmade Leather Wallets

JooJoobs is a family of leathersmiths who love to create handmade leather wallets.

All of our leather goods are made using premium full-grain distressed leather.

We only craft with this type of leather because of the amazing patina it forms within a few short months of using your wallet.

You're going to love the patina your wallet forms, I guarantee it!

Our designs include traditional handmade men's bifold wallets, personalized keychains, front pocket wallets, chain wallets, leather belts, and travel wallets.

Every item we make is a unique, one of a kind masterpiece.

The number one difference that sets JooJoobs high above their competition, we make wallets because we love making people smile.

When you're happy, we're happy.

PS. Please Note, all prices on the JooJoobs website are in USD.

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Best Selling Mens Wallets

Leather Long Wallet


Best Selling Chain Wallets

Leather Biker Wallet (Long)


Best Selling Mens Wallets

American Flag Bifold Wallet


Front Pocket Wallets

Minimalist Money Clip Wallet


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American Flag Wallet


Travel Wallets

Leather Travel Wallet


Best Mens Wallets

Leather Money Clip Wallet


Best Selling Mens Wallets

Mens Front Pocket Wallet


Best Xmas Gift Idea for Men

Best Gift Idea

It probably comes as no surprise to anyone that the American Flag Bifold wallet is one of JooJoobs' best selling wallets.

PROS - This unique design is a JooJoobs original so its not likely too many other people will have the same wallet as you. 

CONS - People will constantly ask you where you purchased it.

Click here to learn more about the American Flag Bifold wallet.

PS. We also very open to customizing your order, perhaps you'd prefer a different flag on front, that's not a problem!

Best Leather iPhone Wallet

Best iPhone Wallet

If you are the lucky owner of the latest iPhone, do yourself a favor and protect with some leather armor.

This leather iPhone wallet does just that; it keeps your iPhone safe from the bumps and scrapes of daily life.

Click here to learn more about the JooJoobs' Leather iPhone Wallet.

PS. This design is also available with a closure strap if you require extra security for your iPhone.

Best Money Clip Wallet

Best Money Clip Wallet

Money clip wallets look best when they are filled with lots of cash. The perfect wallet for casino high-rollers. 

PROS - Replacing the cash pocket with a money clip, makes this wallet design thinnier than traditional bifold wallet design.

CONS - Overtime, this type of clip will wear out and needs to be replaced. Not the wallet, just the clip. Replacement money clips are available on our website. The wallet comes with two clips to start.

Click here to learn more about the JooJoobs' Money Clip Wallet.

Best Card Wallet

Best Card Wallet

The main difference between a card wallet and a bifold is the dedicated cash pocket for unfolded cash.

Card wallets require your cash to be folded.

Generally, this wallet is taylored more for the individual who doesn't carry a lot of cash, and prefers to make their purchases with credit and debit cards.

PROS - smaller in size than traditional bifolds allows this wallet to easily carried in a front pocket.

Click here to learn more about the JooJoobs Card Wallet.

Best Bifold Wallet

Best Bifold Wallet

This wallet is a super popular item right around Xmas and Father's Day. 

The 'DAD' personalization in the featured picture is just a sample. You don't have to get it with this personalization.

You have the option to choose what gets branded onto your custom handmade, leather bifold wallet.

Names, initials, logos are all possibilities. (the sky is the limit)

Click here to learn more about the JooJoobs' Bifold Wallet.

Best Minimalist Wallet

Best Minimalist Wallet

Nowadays, it seems everyone thinks that smaller is better.

If you want small, thin or slim; this is your wallet. 

The cash pocket has been replaced with a stainless steel money clip, making this wallet practically indestructible.

Maybe it should have been named the best EDC wallet or best tactical wallet instead. (lol, tactical wallet, who every came up with that silly idea)

Click here to learn more about the Minimalist Money Clip.

Best Trifold Wallet

Best Trifold Wallet

Rugged, rustic and reliable. These are three words I use most when people ask me to describe our wallets.

This trifold is the epitomy of those three words. I just don't think it gets much more rugged, rustic and reliable as this trifold wallet.

Its also available without the chain

For this design, we ask all personalization requests to be inside, not on the outside.

Click here to learn more about this awesome trifold wallet.

Most Badass Biker Wallet

Most Badass Biker Wallet

Most of our designs are customer requests.

Customers kept asking us to make a bigger and more badass biker wallet and I think we finally delivered on that request.

This long biker wallet can hold everything, iPhone included.

PS. If you don't like the zipper addition, we also made a similar design without the zipper

Click here to learn more about the Most Badass Biker Wallet on the internet.

Best Long Wallet

Best Long Wallet

This wallet is a true billfold. It comes with two easy to access cash pockets and 6 card slots.

Each card slot can hold 1 - 3 cards so if you want max this long wallet out, it can hold up to 18 cards.

This design can also be fitted with a chain and closure snap if requested.

Just send us a message and we can work with you to custom your wallet to your exact needs.

Click here to learn more about this Leather Long Wallet design.

Best Passport Travel Wallet

Best Passport Wallet

Hopefully, the world will soon return to normal and we can all get back to enjoying our weekends and holidays.

Everytime you visit the airport, you want to make sure you keep your passport protected and secure.

This wallet is the perfect solution for the jetsetter lifestyle.

It was originally design as a wallet for solo travellers but we made some minor changes, so it can now easily hold multiple passports for travelling  couples.

Click here to learn more about this Leather Passport Wallet.

Best Front Pocket Wallet

Best Front Pocket Wallet

Just like our minimalist money clip wallet, this wallet is very small and slim.

This wallet works great as a 'night on the town' type wallet where you might not want to carry around your everyday bifold wallet but instead, carry just the necessities.

Measuring in at just 3" by 4", this is truly an amazingly thin, front pocket approved wallet design.

Make sure to get your personalized with your name or initials.

Click here to learn more about the JooJoobs Front Pocket Sleeve Wallet.

Best Credit Card Wallet

Best Credit Card Wallet

Yes, this is another Amercan Flag Wallet but this one is on the smaller card wallet design.

PROS - this card wallet design is much smaller and thinnier than the traditional bifold wallet.

CONS - you don't get a dedicated cash pocket for unfolded cash.

If you like the American Flag wallet design, but don't know which to choose, feel free to send us a message.

Click here to learn more about this credit card wallet.

Best Minimalist Bifold

Best Minimalist Bifold

"I want a bifold wallet that is slim, just the bare minimum, while still carrying unfolded USA currency."


PROS - Super thin bifold wallet, handmade, rugged, rustic and reliable.

CONS - Only fits USA currency! It can't carry Canadian or Australian or any other currency, only greenbacks!

Click here to learn more about this minimalist bifold wallet.

Most Secure iPhone Wallet

Most Secure iPhone Wallet

Everytime you drop your iPhone (hopefully not very often) there is always a sense of dread, and you ask yourself inside,

"Did it break!"

We can't guarantee your 100% percentage iPhone safety, but when you add this leather armor protection, your sense of dread should be a whole lot less.

Added Bonus - get your wallet personalized!!

Click here to learn more about this leather iPhone wallet.

Best Bifold with Coin Pocket

Best Bifold with Coin Pocket

Yes, it true! Coins do still exist!

SECRET - Behind the coin pocket is another area where you can store all cards you don't use that often.

The two main card slots can hold up to 3 cards each.

The coin pocket can also be used to store other small items, i.e. usb key or a camera memory card.

Click here to learn more about this handmade leather bifold wallet with coin pocket.



Customize Your Order

Question:  What's better than a buying yourself a unique, handcrafted leather product?

Answer:  Getting It Personalized!

For all our items, we offer personalization. You can add initials, quotes, images, logos, monograms, etc. Or you can add a combination of the above options.

The sky is the limit and we are open to discussing other customization options not listed on the website.

Checkout our Free Online Monogram Maker to get a feel for some of your personalization options.