Links to JooJoobs Amazon Listings

joojoobs amazon listings

Just an FYI, we do have some listings using fulfillment by Amazon. You can find killer deals on there, especially if you are an Amazon Prime member.

25% Off Coupon

There's a 25% off coupon somewhere on there, I'd give you the link but they don't let me see the coupon for some reason.

joojoobs amazon listings

Anyways, please note, the 25% off coupon is only good on Amazon. (and you have to be an Amazon prime member)

Also, only non-personalized wallets are available on Amazon and not all of our listings. 

We are still testing the platform out, not sure yet if we plan to stay permanently. 

Why So Cheap?

Our Amazon shop is new and the listings don't get much traffic yet because they don't have reviews. So if you do take advantage of the big discounts, please do us a big, big favor and leave a review on your purchase. We'd really appreciate it.

Links to the Distressed Leather Wallets

Links to the Vegetable Chrome Wallets